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Hi! I'm new!

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Hi, I'm new to the site. I am a total cat person, but unfortunatly I don't have a cat of my own at the moment ::cries:: I am looking for a loving adult cat at the moment and having a heck of a time with the search too. Why is that there are like 10 adds for people giving away cats in the local paper until you really want one? I also have a two year old so adopting from any kind of rescue agency in my area is out of the question. They wouldn;t let me adopt one cause of the young age of my son. But I am determined!! I already have the cat toys and a carrier, litter box, and all the other kitty cat goodies. My son loves animals too, even though he is young, he knows to be nice to the pets. My stepdad has 15 cats, a few are inside cats, and they love my 2yr old. So anyway, that is me, a cat person without a cat. TheDreamKat
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Welcome to the site! I hope you are able to find that purrfect companion for yourself and your son very soon.
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Welcome aboard. Even thugh you don't have a feline friend yet feel free to ask questions and jump into a post if you have something to add to it. Eventually you'll find your feline (or he/she will find you) so don't give up.

Have you checked your local chapter of ASPCA? They may be able to help you in finding a friend.
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Yeah go to one of them rescue places..there are some real gems there. I got a one eyed cat 7 months old from there, should get him later this week.

Are you USA or UK based??
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Welcome to TCS!
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Very Glad to report that I am now a proud cat owner of a very lovely (but slighty overweight) female cat. :-P I'm working on the weight thing...She's just a big lap cat lol
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Wlcome to TCS, enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to TCS and my congrats on your new cat . I am glad you finaly got a kitty
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Welcome to the site. So pleased to hear you've found a kitty!.
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Welcome! Hope to see pics of a new furrbaby in your life soon! Good luck in finding one. We found Mittens at the right time...don't give up!
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welcome dreamcat!!
i am happy that you finally got your new kitty...enjoy!!!!
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Hi there, congrats on your new kitty
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Congrats on your kitty, DreamKat! I'm new here, too. And all of the pictures on this thread are so beautiful!
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Congrats on your cat and welcome to TCS too. How did you find her? what's her name? How does she look?
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welcome we want pictures!!!!!!!!!
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I'm new too & i love cats!
We should help eachother out with things
we don't understand. If anyone has any tips for me email me @
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Welcome to the block
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