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Lookin for a cat in NC

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I have always owned cats, but I have now been without one for about a year and a half. I went to 2 separate agencies and neither would let me adopt a cat because I have a 2 year old. If anyone in the North Western NC area needs to find a loving home for their cat, I can provide one!! My 2 year old is very gentle with pets, and has been around many cats since my stepdad has about 15 now. If anyone knows of a gentle cat needing a home I can help!
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Have you tried Petfinder.com? You can enter in your zipcode and find kittens/cats available in your area.

Many adoption agencies are hesitant to adopt out to households with young children. Oftentime shelter cats have been stressed out in life, and the natural noise and activity level in a youngster isn't always good for them.

The shelter that I volunteer at suggests at least a 6 month old kitten or older when you have young children at home. They are more agile, and can escape from a young child if necessary. Shelters will not know your child, but do know that the odds of a young kitten being accidently injured by a young child is higher than they are willing to risk.

Let us know if you find something, and please consider an older kitten or adult cat!
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That is what I want, an older kitten or an adult, preferably one that has been around children before. The one place I went to was at least willing consider letting me adopt an older cat, but were sort of doubtful that the counselors would place one in a home with a young child. The other place was just down right rude to me and I left crying. I would love to have a cat that is a little older and has been with children before.
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That's sad they wont let you adopt a cat, although I can't help you I wish you the best of luck finding a cat perfect for your home.
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I'm not sure where in NC you're located, but I know the shelters in the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) will adopt cats older than 4 months to households with young children. It's my understanding the shelters in Charlotte do to, but don't hold me to that. Unfortunately, most only adopt to people that live in their local area. Where did you try?

(By the way, the 4 month rule applies because a cat under 4 months can not be vaccinated for rabies, and should the worst happen the rabies treatments have very poor success rates on very young children.)

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I am in the Western North Carolina area - I know a couple of shelters you could adopt from - where exactly are you - PM me. There is the Catman - he is a no kill shelter in Cullowhee (sp) and you could try the Madison County shelter, or the Asheville Humane Society. Let me know how I can help you.
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