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Cat with a cold?

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I am cat sitting for the upstairs neighbours (they are away for two days). They have a new kitty, brought her home just this past Monday. She seems to have a slight cold - she is a bit congested, and sneezes (she sneezed twice in the half hour I was with her). The discharge is clear, and her eyes are clear, and she is still eating, so I am not worried. Is there anything I need to look out for?

I will get some GSE, and suggest that they use some for her, and I will also give that to mine, just to be sure, although I wash my hands really well every time I have been holding her.
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If you can , change also your cloth you are wearing . Or go there with some easy wear and only wear that when you visit there and back at home change back in your cloth . I would do that , just to make sure my kitties don't get anything . Maybe I am over reacting , but I have so many that I would be afraid to pass that on to my 19 cats .
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Before going th GSE route, I would recommend that you tell your friend the kitty needs to see a vet. It could be any of several virile infections and not just a cold.
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I will tell them when they are home tomorrow. If the kitty gets worse before they get back, I will take her to the 24 hour vet, but I don't think its that serious yet. I just wondered if there were any other warning signs that I should look for.
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It likely is a cold (although there are other possibilities). It is common to treats cat colds with antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infections which can be serious. Also, if the congestion becomes bad enough that kitty can't smell her food she will likely stop eating, and that would not be good, so if that started to happen you would want to tempt her with smelly foods (like stinky tuna cat foods).
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