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Has anyone talked to Kim (JellyBelly) lately? I haven't seen her online in a long time...she last posted in November and I have tried emailing her too. She is pregnant and had pneumonia for awhile. Does anyone know how I can reach her? Very much appreciated!
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There was another thread about her a week or so ago and I posted that she has been in contact with me and is fine. She is just very busy right now!
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OMG trip out. I just had a dream about her this morning!!! (so weird) We were in this house and there was a guy with a gun keeping us there lol.. he fell asleep on the couch and I kept telling her lets go! Lets call the police! And she kept saying no

I know she's preggy so maybe she's not feeling up to posting!
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Don't you find that just freakie when things like that happen. New Years Eve I was thinking of that movie Scream and how I wanted to see it again. Then at the New Years gathering I was at this girl was asking the guy who had this really large DVD collection if he had that movie becasue she wanted to see it again....

(I know it has really nothing to do with this thread, but Sicy's post made me think of that)

I hope JB is ok.
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Thanks for letting me know. I have emailed her several times and no word. I know she is pregnant, that's why I wanted to know if she was ok. She was posting a lot and all of sudden stopped...that's why I was worried...geez...just a worry wart...you have to forgive me
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I know. She just kind of dropped out of site! But she's assured me she is okay and everything is fine! She says she feels great. Just doesn't have time for the boards or even much email. I hope she finds time to come back soon!
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