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Clyde's new Sister

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Clyde has a new sister. Although I don't have a digital camera yet, pictures will have to wait a while. I knew I wanted another cat (female) so the PFP (adoption agency where I got Clyde) were on the lookout. Belinda called me on the 30th and on the 31st brought me the cutest little grey/black on top and white chest/face/paws tabby I've ever seen. She's half the size of Clyde, and was given up due to her other owner (little girl) developing an allergy to her. She's a little shy, very playful, and she actually was in bed licking my hand this morning.

I'm going to call her "Little Bit" as it just fits. As soon as I get pics, I'll post them.

She's about 7 months old, and weighs about 6 pounds. One of the quirks they told me she had is that she will get on your back, and lick the back of your ears. I told them I had big enough ears to keep her busy for a while.

She will be a fine addition to the house. Her and Clyde are getting along well. If Clyde will quit getting in her face, he may keep some of his features, since though she is half his size, she has no problems in using her claws for protection from a bully. I guess he will learn. I "will not" get her declawed. The few times I've picked her up and loved her, she has purred so loud I need ear protectors. I'm really happy with two, and that's the limit (so the landlord told me).

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Congrats on the new addition of Little Bit! She sounds like a real doll. And it sounds like she has a purrfect new home.

I'll move this to the Lounge, since New Cats is really for welcoming new members (a bit misleading, I know ).
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Congrats on the enw addition! Clyde will learn soon.
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I want pictures and bet I am not alone! I'll check Fur Pictures Only to be sure-
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Sounds cute. Yeah, I'd like to see some pics of her too.

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Hope you get pictures up soon! Actually I've been thinking about you lately and wondering how things were going.
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Can't wait to see her, Mike. She sounds pretty feisty! I remember when I brought Joey in. He was only 1.9 pounds to Squirt's 8 or 9, but that never stopped him either!
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Congrats!! we want pictures!!
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Excellent!! Congratulations to all ---pics, pleeeeeeze
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She is finally adopting me!!! I've woken up with kitty licking my head, eyelids, ears, and anything else exposed. She purrs louder than a motorboat, and once started, it is impossible to sleep. Her favorite is to explore while sticking her rear in your face while exploring the other end of the pillow.

This morning, she recognized her name, and went running when I called the kids to breakfast (5:00 am).

I really think the name "little bit" is appropriate, and will send pics when I can.

Mike & Clyde & Little Bit
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she sounds georgeous! Can't wait for pics.
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