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possibility of a new friend

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Carol and I were talking a couple of nights ago and has said to me that enough time has possibly passed since Vicki died and that it may be time for a tortie to get a new home. I will always be terribly upset that we lost Vicki - after what she went through before she came into our lives and enriched it and what we tried to give my little tripod in the time we had her, to the way she tragically deteriorated and slipped away. I am glad I gave her a few years of brilliant, rather than the 7 years of hell she had previously.
Anyway, I will always miss her, but like my wife has said - me with one cat in the house is like chocolate cake without chocolate - it just dont go. We are gonna give it a few more weeks and then goto the rescue centre and get an "older" cat. Give the male or female something that they may have lost in the past- which means some major loving from me.... Brandy gets spoilt - however, there is always room in my heart and house for a second.
Really pleased - who knows what we will have - I am not bothered at all - a home with the amount of love I have for another cat, be it disabled or other wise - then i guarantee its gonna be loved - but you knew that anyway didn't you..
Nice to get a little good news.
purring at the thought of this! not feeling brilliant inside today though.
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Kev that is wonderful news I know that you miss Vicki but what better way to honor her than to give another the same love and attention that she had in her last days with you? Congrats on getting a new furbaby
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That's great news.

Let your future kitty pick you.
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I know how you feel, when I lost Fuzz I had lost my one family member, it she was a cat that I think wa given to me because no one else would ave put up with her. I waited a long time to get Matty & Suma and I did so with great reluctance because my heart was still empty, but it was the best thing I could have ever done, they have brought so much warmth back into my house. You will know when you find the right one, remember this is coming from a single male cop, so I know how you feel....take care
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Originally posted by a_loveless_gem
That's great news.

Let your future kitty pick you.
I could not agree more with you. Knowing me though - I will end up going for the one that no one wants and who has been in the shelter the longest. When it thought it would never get a home, I will be there waiting.

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Congrats in advance.... I bet you're sooooo excited (I know I would be) hope you find the kitty of your dreams.... or that they find you!
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Best of luck, Kev, and congrats in advance! Whoever this new cat ends up being, they're one lucky kitty to find you!
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Congrats Kev. Glad to hear you are excited about this. I know it will be good for you. Just sit back and enjoy she/he when you get it.
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That is wonderful! Even though you can never replace your beloved Vicki, every time a loved pet goes to the Bridge, another loving home opens a spot to a cat that may otherwise not have a chance at a good life. I will always miss my precious Leo, but a new little one that desperately needed a home came along just a couple months ago. He is not a replacement, but another little fuzzy guy to love.
Bless you for considering an older or special needs cat. Thos are the ones that need a kitty angel the most.
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Cool! Another kitty gets Kev! Someone's going to be really lucky!
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Thanks for the comments guys - possibly by the end of the month and who knows what will be padding round the house. Brandy and the new arrival will sort things out in due course and I will be back with two torties in my life. Completed again.
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Kev, I'm really glad that you want to take in a cat that other people possibly wouldn't because of its age and/or disabilities. I was sponsering a black cat with health problems at the local shelter, and was really afraid that he wouldn't find a home. People who think just like you adopted Norman a week before Christmas, and he's one happy cat! I went to visit him yesterday, and it was very obvious that he is bonding with his new "parents". Way to go!
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How wonderful . A new cat always brings new life in a house . I am so happy for you and for your family . I am sure you will find the right one to love and spoil . Good luck and my congrats to you Kev .
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Hurray!!! A new addition!!! Congrats kev! I'm sure Brandy would love a new friend..
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Kev that's awsome!!! I can't wait to hear all about your new kitty.
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Way to go, Kev! What better tribute to Vicki than to share your loving home with another kitty. Looking forward to news as it happens.
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That is so great Kev! There is a lonely kitty out there that is about go get so lucky and loved for the rest of her life!
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That is great news that you have decided to get another cat! I can't wait to see pictures of it, and you will give it such a good home!
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