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Is this real?

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I saw this picture, is it real???
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LOL looks like you hotlinked and got busted
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Woah, I just copied and pasted the URL into a new browser window.

No, that cant possibly be real!! Good photoshoppers if that.
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I doubt that a cat can be that long. I suspect photoshop.

Anyhow here's the URL to the web page. I hope I don't anger anyone by providing it


Edited because I checked the link and it wasn't a link to the page. It asks you whether you want to download it instead. So I've provided the link in text so hopefully copying and pasting it works.

Edited Again: Well I forgot to take out all of the vB coding.
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There are edge sharpness inconsistencies along the belly fur. Also there looks to be incomplete blending around one of the feet:
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good job detectives
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Good job LOL! I cant imagine having a cat that long. However, I do not like the way the cat is being held!
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Also, you look closey at the yellow banner, you can see duplicate characters with the exact same "ripple" affect to the banner. Regardless - I had to do a double take!
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That is fake. Cats can't be that long! That is just crazy! It does look like it's real though, a photoshop expert must have did that. I agree with brocken, you can tell the cat was put into the picture.

To whoever made that, nice work!
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