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Required declawing?

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I just read a post in the behavior forum that really has me upset! I didn't know that some landlord (manager/owners?) require spaying/neutering and declawing in order to have a kitty. This is horrible to me.

I don't see why they couldn't just make you agree to pay for any damage! The spaying and neutering are fine but DECLAWING!!

Please give me feedback. Is this unusual? I feel I would not move there but sometimes people may not have a choice.
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I have heard of that but would NEVER move into a place where it was required. I think declawing is cruel and would find someplace else to live if they required me to.

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This is horrible!!! I feel that anyone who wants to declaw a cat, ought to have their fingernails pulled out by the roots....(and teeth too) but I guess I am not a good person to ask, since I am already so upset about losing my babies.
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It is usually with furnished apartments and the landlord is more concerned with his furnishings than anything else. I know of one lady who offered the landlord more money per month NOT to have to declaw her cat. I never heard if he accepted that or not.
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Yes, requiring cats be declawed is inhumane! Sadly, in this world it is money which speaks the loudest — yet somehow too many landlords forget where their money comes from. They use clichés of propaganda such as, "We're taking the risk," or "We've worked hard for our money," et cetera. In reality, it is the tenants who take the biggest risk and bear the heaviest burden; and it is the tenants who spend up to 50% (and often more) of their incomes on rent. So, just who's "worked hard" in that scenario? Landlords love to trot out "horror stories" about awful tenants, yet tenants can best those stories any day by pointing out such things as the required declawing of cats.

Hopefully, landlords who think the world owes them a living will all burn in hell. I'll even help shovel the coal!

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Now that I know what is involved in declawing I think it is horribly cruel and it should be banned.

Debby did I miss a thread ? What do you mean you lost your babies?
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I have had that problem when I was looking for a new appartment (one reaon we didn't move). It seemed like everywhere I called the landlord asked if my cats were declawed, I said absolutely not, and they all refused to rent to me. I told them that my stuff wasn't as important as my cats, and how would they like it if someone pulled out all their fingernails without their consent? Isn't that what damage deposits are for???...if my cats destroy stuff, I have to pay for it. anyway my cats only claw at MY furniture, never the walls or carpets, so it wouldn't be the landlord's problem anyway.
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There is actually quite a few apartments here that require cats to be declawed. You must give them a certificate proving the procedure was done. I have in my time told one or two complexes off because of it. How horrible. I have a thread here in the cat lounge called "Molly's vet visit" (or something close to that). I have an 11 week old kitten and I took her to a clinic that specializes only in cats. The vet there couldn't preach enough to me on how great declawing was and how he does it so it doesn't hurt the cat! Well, the story is long, but I did indeed give him a piece of my mind. Unfortunately, there is so many uneducated individuals out there on this subject. The majority of vets don't do anything to educate on the truth of declawing.

Hopefully someday things will be better!
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Hey Mr. Cat

Can I light the first match - P U H L E A S E????????

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Here you go!

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