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The New Year is TERRIFIC!!!!

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I have a new job. I start at 7:30AM and don't finsih until 5:30PM, sometimes later. I work at an airport and I love it!! It's hard work but I enjoy it. Everyone there thinks that I can talk to the animals as they've never seen them so calm before and after a flight. All I do is calm them by reassuring them that their journey will be safe or that their human friend is going to be with them again.

We're getting a little kitten at the end of the month. A little white one with a grey striped tail and black markings on its ears. And a pure white body. So kitten proofing the house. Housemate is fine with the idea. Doesn't like it but knows that we'll take care of it and it won't become his responsibility. He likes cats so I'm sure he'll play with it too as well as Russell and Esper.

It looks like we're going to get a digital camera! Our housemate is in Japan at the moment and he's going to try get one if he's got the time. $350 Australian for a 5.0 Megapixel camera that does all sorts of things....and for that price, you'd be lucky to get 4.0 megapixel. So hopefully I can post pictures of my kitties on TCS for the first time ever!!!

Camera I'm hopefully getting

I won't be able to post as much as I would like to. It's the start of my disappearance act. I'll be gone for six months in the second half of 2004 but I should be coming by during the first half. I reply to e-mails.
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Your post is making me smile! Happy New Year for you!
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I forgot. Thanks for reminding me Deb.

Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope the festive season was kind to everyone. If it wasn't as happy as you hoped it to be, I hope that the future events of 2004 are beyond your happiest expectations.
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Thanks! Hope your new addition to the family is great! My new year was peace and quiet except for the fireworks that the neighbors were shooting, but it was just the two of us and a bottle of champagne.
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I am SO GLAD your year is starting off with such a bang!! Job sounds very excellent. Woohoo, can't wait to hear more and see pics of the new kitty.....with that new digicam

And you can't disappear mid-year! I really enjoy your posts and chats, so make sure to fit TCS in once in a while, just for an update, at least

In any case, meanwhile, looking forward to seeing the kitten.
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Wow! I wish the year was starting out that good for me. Reading your post gives me hope.
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It's not my choice to disappear mid-year.

It's my final semester at university. I'll need to study hard because it's the hardest of all the semesters. It really sorts out those that succeed and those that don't. And there will be a lot of industry based training as well.

But I will try my best to come by and post an update.

georgiagirl8: There's always hope. It's not always the easiest of things to find, but it's always there somewhere.
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I'm glad you're having such a good year! I hope it's ALL just as great.
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