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Desperate And Alone

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The following cats are urgent cases at the Northumberland Humane Society, locate in Port Hope, Ontario. To reach the shelter please call toll free 1-877-885-4131 or email north1@eagle.ca. All adoptable animals can be seen at: Northumberland Humane Society website

Sage is a short haired, male, who is about 2 years old. He is going to be neutered on January 12th 2004. Sage is very friendly once he gets used to new people and he doesn't mind cuddling if you give him time to get to know you. He loves to explore new places and hide until he feels comfortable with his surroundings. Sage would be fine in a home with children and other animals. He LOVES to be around other cats, especially kittens. He likes to play with toys and catnip, he is still very young at heart. Sage has been at the shelter since April 18th 2002. Because of this, his adoption price has been reduced to just $50.00 Canadian. He is also being sponsored by All Creatures Great and Small (in downtown Cobourg), so when he is adopted he has a care package that goes with him, which includes a collar, treats, toys and a $25.00 gift certificate to All Creatures Great and Small. Sage is so special and we are hoping that he will find a loving home soon!

Jack is a 5 year old, male cat. He has a long, black coat, so he will require regular grooming. Jack has a flea bite allergy, which causes hair loss. This is controlled by eliminating fleas and an appropriate diet. Jack would be excellent with children, he is very friendly and affectionate. Jack LOVES other cats! He loves to get out to roam around the shelter and meet and greet all of the other cats. His best friend is Karma, another cat that is available for adoption. He also loves to play with the young kittens. Jack would be excellent in a home with other cats. Please give Jack a forever, loving home.

Karma is a male, long haired cat. He is approximately 3 years old. Karma is very friendly and likes to have his own space to explore. He is the brother of Kufu, another cat at our shelter. He does not like children, so he would be best is a childless home. Karma LOVES being around other cats. His best friend is Jack, another cat for adoption at our shelter. He also loves getting out to play with the young kittens, the give him lots of exercise! Karma also does not seem to mind calm dogs, he would most likely adjust to living with them. He would be excellent in a home with other cats!

Please help these wonderful cats and the many others at the Northumberland Humane Society. The board and manager are thinking of starting euthanasia again and these 3 cats will be among the first to be euthanized because of their already long stay at the shelter. Please help if you can.
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I am moving this to the proper forum to join all the other cats that are in dire straights and needing a home-
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Good luck finding these special kitties homes. I hope that you can find homes before the shelter starts euthanizing again. Is there some way you can try to change thier minds before they start the euthanization process?
I wish there was a place that we could take all kitties that need homes don't you?
Good luck again. Keep up the good work looking for furrever homes for these 3 special kitties
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The reason they are thinking of starting euthanasia again is because of cats like Sage who have been at the shelter for well over a year. He has had no one interested in him despite the fact that he is a young, very friendly and clean cat. It is simply unfair to keep him and others in a cage for all their lives. I disagree with euthanasia 9 out of 10 times, but I don't believe that keeping them in cages for years is a good alternative to putting them to sleep. The other problem is that the shelter is very dangerously low on funds and in danger of closing in the next year or two. Animals that are in the shelter for months and years are a drain on finances, as bad as it is to say it. People simply are not donating to us like they used to.

In the mean time, I'm just trying to find them all homes before we even have to consider euthanizing them. Please, if anyone at all can help, the animals would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.
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Hey Cassandra...have you tried contacting "sanctuaries". Also, and I just thought of this...have the shelter contact the Best Friends Network:

If you need additional assistance, please phone the Best Friends Network at (435) 644-2001 ext 123, or e-mail them at bfnetwork@bestfriends.org.

They usually want to deal directly with the shelter or someone who can speak for the animals as opposed to a 3rd party.

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What exactly can Best Friends Animal Sanctuary do? I's just curious, before I contact them. We're in Ontario, do they deal with shelters that far from Ohio? I have no problem speaking with them, I am a part-time employee at the shelter, so I can usually answer most questions that anyone has about the shelter. Thanks for all of your help by the way, I am also going to post on the other sites that you mentioned in the Petfinder forum. Thank you.
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The network contains people from all over. I'm not sure if they have people from Canada...I just think it is worth a shot:


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