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I'm new

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I think I'll be glad I found this site. I first tried one and it was upsetting with a few people who wrote obscene and violent things about cats. There was no moderator and people were getting very upset with certain people who talked about ...well, I won't mention the topics. I wrote to the web master and will not return there. Some one else there told others about this site so you may have more new members. I wanted a serious site about cats. I don't know how this works but from what I've seen so far, so good. Talk with you later.
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Welcome to the site!! I hope you've found what you're looking for. We definitely moderate this site and don't put up with obscene or abusive type of threads. Actually, between all of us there is rarely a time of day when one of us isn't on.

We are a serious site, but we definitely have fun too.

P.S. I edited the name of the site out of your post for liability reasons. Thanks for understanding.
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Welcome to TCS , I hope you enjoy your stay .
This is a very friendly and caring site here and I am sure you will like it a lot . Why don't you tell us a little about you and do you have cat/s ? We really like to get to know you a little . If you have cats and have some pictures , you are more then welcome to share them in the picture forum with us . We love pictures here
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Welcome Bailey, there really is a good group of people who gather here, and the mods, well we try and keep things flowing. Welcome to our cat community-
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Welcome to the site! Feel free to ask any questions and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Welcome! I'm pretty new myself but I have found this site is incredible. People definitely have opinions, but I've never found anyone to be offensive or attacking here.

Hope to see pictures of your kitties soon!
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TCS is a great site, I enjoy it very much .Everyone here makes you feel welcome
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Welcome to TCS Bailey. WE all love our cats here. Feel free to ask questions if you have any. This site is well moderated in a good way. We also like to have some fun here as well as being serious.

Looking forwards to hearing more about you and your kitties.

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Welcome to TCS! This is a great group of people and we all respect each other a great deal I think, you will enjoy it here.
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Welcome to the site.

I think i know what site you mean. I stopped going on it for the same reasons. And i also mentioned this site on it,which i know of one person who has switched over.

I also e-mailed them, asking them to do something about it, but they never answered or did anything about it!.

But i know one thing, your going to love this site!.

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Welcome. There are a lot of experts on this site. But everyone is very considerate of other's feelings.
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Bailey~Welcome to TCS! Rest assured, you will feel at home here. I find those things offensive too...so I am glad that I found this site...it's just great! Let us know if you need help with anything!!
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