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Long time, eh ?

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Well, i bet you are all just pissing your pants dying to know what's what with me, eh ?

Har, Har.

Well, since you asked.

I'm doing well, i miss ya'll, i wish i could get in on some thread action, or shall i say, RE-action,
but, as the story of inconvience would say, 'that's life, girl'

I'm currently at a friends house using his PC and i can hardly remember how to even use
the freakin smilies (ha ha) and i'm suddenly feeling immersed in the reality that this site
still exists - EVEN without me (laugh) - seriouslly, what an ego trip !

i am currently destitute and about to redifine the word 'derilict' but, i am happy,
life is throwing me a thousand curves and i am smiling, smiling, indeed.

i dont know what that AP girl might have said about anything, if anything at all, but,
i am in love, i am awash in that ocean, i am free.

i hope all of you are making your way through the dull, and smiling in the face of grey and nothing,
creative thinking, that's it. creative living.

alright, enough bullshit & rambling, i have not much time here, i still have to write a rather despairing
letter - (O, the humility) bet you're all crazy to know what's so despairing, eh? too bad -
ah, who really cares anyway. then i get to get my ass kicked by another forum i dissipated.

so, with that, i'm out, i miss ya, i hate ya, i love ya, blah blah

shine on.

(and Deb, i hear you are redefining satire, i'll look forward to a description )
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Yay, I cannot believe it is you!!! I have been asking about you. AP filled us in a little about a new man in your life. Details would be a little nice.

You are so missed here. I miss you, talking to you! Have you moved? How is the heat? When will you be back?

It's nice to see a thread from you. I want to know everything you can tell about what is going on in your life! Well, if you don't mind that is!! You can PM me.

I miss you and am so happy you could stop for a moment and say hi!! Good luck with everything!

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Hey love!

I'm happy to see you as well! I felt so bad I couldn't talk longer last time....

please call me soon I'm always here.

miss talking to you
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Hey Blue!!

Glad to see you back! I have missed you. And you're right, Deb's satires are a pisser. *by the way, you, um, on new medication or happy pills I should know about??? come on girl, give me the dirt! I want to call my doctor in the morning and have him hook me up, know what I mean?? I need to look at life through your medicated eyes!

So what's new??? We want to hear every last, dirty detail about where you've been, what you're doing and WHO your doing it with

Start talking!

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I agree with what Donna said!!!
I miss you Blue, and you still are my lil'sis, I hope you know that. I have wondered how you are, so what's the story with this new man in your life??? Do tell!
I can't wait till you can be on here more often~!!!
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I'm just happy to see you posting tonite! :pinky: You don't have to tell me anything; it is an "answer to my prayers" to know that you are happy!!! I hope to see you posting again soon. Take care and God Bless You.

Love you and Miss you,
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Nice to see you posting Blue.. I hope you can get around to it more often AP has mentioned you a few times when we have asked our questions about you. You are missed Hope all is well.
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But Blue.....you made no mention of missing your big sis... Didn't you miss me too? Cause I sure did you!!
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Damn it! I missed the whole reappearance of Blue!

Girl, it's so good to see you smiling and happy. Money can't buy everything.

Try to capture yourself a little more online time. You've missed a lot. According to AP, I may beat you to the publisher. I find writing to be such a stress reliever.

Anyway, hope to see you soon. Don't be such a stranger. I may want you to lend your editing services to my work of art.
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Good luck to you!

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of course i miss ya

i just havent the time to talk long - Billie, i got your email & PM's - thank you,
you are so kind.

Chuck, what up ? :tounge2: hiding out invisibly ? get your :censor::censor::censor::censor: together and pull up
those pants, sensitivity isnt going to get you anywhere in those kind of situations,
all you can do is laugh, right ? just laugh.

Deb - i hope you're working up your wits for me, i want a colourful description via Colby today

what do you mean money cant buy everything ? i think i've heard that somewhere else before...


hope you didnt pull a muscle typing that one
no, seriouslly, hope all is well & good,
how is life ?


ah, bloody hell, it's been awhile, hasnt it ? how's hubby ?
remember, if he's an asshole, a good, clean, head-on kick-in-the-balls
will cure his disease hope you are well, girl.

how's life treating you ?

vlinder & Anne



cant wait to get more time on-line and catch up, for now, i'm thinking of you, i truly hope
you're happy & well.
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my email didn't show that I had a PM...sorry it took me so long to reply.

I'm here & looking forward to your call
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Seems everyone needs your time!! How does
it feel?

I hope to see you soon. All is well with me!! Finally
I am going back to Hawaii at the end of this month
to see someone I met a few months ago!!

I am so happy for you!! Wonderful things happend to wonderful
people! :flower:
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I think you were part of the group that welcomed me to this site You left not long after I joined so I didn't get the chance to know you that well

Maybe soon though??
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Howdy! Well, you certainly don't seem "blue" lately! I'm happy for you, that you've found someone with whom you can share your life.

As for me, well, let's see: Oh, I went to Michigan for several days last month. My niece got married and I was invited, so I went! It was a blast. Blah blah blah. . . .

My feline buddies Michaela and Tonya are doing well. How are your feline friends doing? Do tell!


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Blue I am very glad to know you are well and just as important as that, you seem so much happier. All the very best to you.
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Blue....you are so 'd here...cant ya tell??? We miss ya!!
And of course hubby is still being a butt.
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Blue!!! So glad to see you're doing so well. Love in the best drug of them all isn't it ?

I hope you are still hanging around to read this post
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