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Scratching Post

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We resently got new leather furniture But, kitty liked scratching her claws on the cloth couches. Problem. She had no where to scratch her claws. She's not a dumb cat and sought refuge in the new rug!!! So, we bought her a scratching post. I guess you could say she was never introduced to the scratching post. I want to go about getting her to use the scratch post. What can I do to get Polly to like the post and use it?
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Maybe try rubbing some catnip on it or maybe around the scratching post?
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CATNIP!!! Rub the new post with a little catnip on the top and sides. If you stay high on the sides you will encourage Polly to stretch, which will encourage her to use her nails.

In the meantime, spray the rug and around the new furniture with lemon scented room deodorizer. That will help keep her away. I would suggest double sided tape, but I'm not sure you want to attach that to your leather.
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Thanks guys. Awesome tips. I'll try some of those things. Polly really like cat nip so, I believe this will be effective.
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To get my guys to use their new cat tree I put catnip on it and I also gave them treats when they scratched there. They will remember that and soon scratch there on their own.
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my cat needed no introduction! Love at first sight.
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If I see mine scratching any place other than the scratch post or condo, I will grab them with a stern "NO", carry them over to the nearest post, place their paws on it and rub them on the post. This with a lot of praise and a treat if handy. They get the hint really quick. Catnip also works great!
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all my guys are so funny, if i claw the post they will run over and start doing it too! When they were babies i used to take there little paws and put them on the post and they got the idea.
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play is a great thing. get a fishing pole toy and run it up the side of the post. she will run over and play and at the same time dig her nails in. praise her when this happens. I love playing with my babes.
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