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Cat went nuts after giving birth....

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Hi All,

I really need help. My female Manx had her little (of one) on Monday and was just fine and happy. My other female did the hugging thing and helped her give birth. She also had no issues with the male. On Tuesday the male snuck outside and when he came back in about 2 minutes later the other female attacked him. That got the new mommy all in a tizzy and now she is attacking anyone and anything without provocation. We've put her in a secluded area with her kitten and reduced her contact with the other cats to just about nothing. She tolerates the male but goes absolutely psycho when she even catches site of the other female. I'm at my whits end - I have no idea why my otherwise loving cat has gone off the deep end! This is not her first litter but she lost the first litter (dropped the only living kitten off a bunk bed to its demise when it was about 4 weeks old).

Can anyone help?
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It sounds like Redirected Aggression to me. Everyone is a bit on edge after the birth of the kitten -- then, in comes the male smelling of the outdoors (and likely smelling like stray cats that hang around). The female smells the strange scent and attacks, frightening momma cat who goes into attack mode to protect the kitten. Momma saw her female friend being aggressive, and instinctually interpreted her as being a danger to the baby, so momma attacked her. Now it is programmed into momma's brain that the female is a danger.

You are doing the right thing to separate the cats for now. Go out and buy a Comfort Zone diffuser right away. This will help calm momma and the other cats.

Also, before you let momma cat out of the room, put a dab of vanilla extract under the chin of each cat and at the base of each cat's tail (not on their bottom, but on their back). This will make everyone smell the same which will cut down on the confusion.

Good luck!
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Definately keep the new mom and baby seperate, even out of sight in a calm area. you should keep it that way until the little one is at least walking around by itself. It will probably take a while even at that for the mom to not have any agressive tendencies, some cats harbour that feeling for a very long time. Other than what Lotsacats has said (written), that's about all you could do.
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I kinda thought we were looking at displaced aggression but wanted some other opinions. She's happy as long as her and the kitten are alone or if just I go in the room with her. My poor husband she wigs out about though. Hopefully with a little time she'll be back to the loving kitty we miss so much!
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OH my! Our rescue got a pregnant Manx cat who gave birth to 8 kittens.
The person who was fostering her had to wear protective gear to tend to the mother and kittens because this Manx would attack so fiercely. Dogs, cats, people - anything and anyone.

After her kittens were weaned and adopted out, she became totally sweet and got a wonderful home.

On doing some research, I read that Manx cats can be this way - very territorial.
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Yes Manx do tend to be territorial but usually not with the people and cats they have grown up with. Today everyone is finally getting along again! Yippee! The two females are still giving each other a wide berth but no fighting I found it really interesting that even though it was the male that escaped outside briefly that the new mother never had an issue with him, only with the other female who had attacked him when he came back in.

Manx are a great breed to be around usually. A bit vocal but very loving. I've had Manx so long I've forgotten how surprised others can be at seeing a cat with no tail - LOL. A friend stopped by yesterday and saw the male walk through the house and did the whole "What happened to that cat's tail" line of questioning
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Nursing cats should be kept WELL away from other cats.
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My Bramble did the exact same thing , sweetest cat you ever would want and she had her babies and it was "PSYCHO PUSSY FROM HELL" she attacked anything in the house..

I had to keep her in the top of the house where no one goes in her own room..and she was still doing it when the kittens were about 9 weeks old.. and now the kittens are well weaned and she is Our little angel again..it will pass but keep her AWAY from your other cats!
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