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How are you newest babies doing? How big are they getting? Have you got pictures.... Update us please! I'm anxious to know how they are!
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Cassie........Thank you so very, very much for asking.....it means more to me than you can know.....but maybe you should read my thread....the one I started tonight. That explains it all.
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By the way...you are an absolute for asking!
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Oh Cassie!!!!! I think I killed them!!!!!! It HAS to have been something I did wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! And then to add to all my grief, and pain, my husband, hard hearted as he is, gave me one quick hug, then when I said, I was upset, and didn't feel like fixing supper....(I had ribs in the crockpot, all he had to do was make some damn hashbrowns to go with it) he got all mad....and said...
"You have 40 cats....( I don't I only had 15, now 14) so things are gonna happen to them, that's life....why can't you fix my supper anyway??????"

So am I being a b*tch because I am SO upset about losing my babies...or am I right in wishing he would leave and never come back?????????????????????????????????
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Oh Debby! It is NOT your fault! I'm so sorry. Men can be so insensitive sometimes.. I think its a gene thing. *HUGS* I'm so sorry!
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Forgive me for calling your husband a moron. He sounds like he just doesn't know how to deal with a hysterical female. ALOT of guys are like that. I know cuz I used to be married to one.

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Thanks Donna.... but I don't think it was because he didn't know how to deal with a hysterical female.
I wasn't hysterical. I was bawling, yes, becuase I was so heartbroken, but do you think he took that as hysterical? MEN!!!
All he cared about was his damn supper.
I am sorry..........but that is how I feel.
Where is the compassion??????
I get it from here.......not from him.
Thanks for caring about me, Donna....I love you. And thanks for listening to me.
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