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something horrible happened

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First of all - I apologize for not writing a very long time... I have been a full-time student and employee, which left me no timw for anything else...

I have some terrible news:
Last night, some vandalists broke into our cat shelter, tore up the fence and most importantly - tore up the green houses that were donated to us for rain&wind-protection for hundreds of cats.

We have no money left to fix the damage, and we need the help of every cat lover in order to collect the money needed (about 2000-4000 dollars - a better estimation will be given on Sudnay).

Donations can be made on this address:

Thank you so much for your time and help!!
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OMG, not again!!!! What is WRONG with some people??!!!!

Here is a link to nunny's thread about some earlier vandalism at the shelter she volunteers at
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Oh Nunny, I am so sorry to hear this!!! Any leads on catching the *^(%(^*( who did this?
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OMG!! What is wrong with these people?!

I feel so bad for you....your group tries so hard to do good things, but these a$$holes are bound and determined to make you fail. But, good is on your side, so I know you will succeed somehow.
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Why would any one want to hurt your project? i don't understand. Thats just awful. So sorry:
post #6 of 29 order to reach as many people as possible..I suggest you also post on the Petfinder Message Boards:

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I dont understand why some people keep vandalising your shelter. How many times has it been????
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What the hell is wrong with people? How heartless can some people be?

Nunny, I'm so sorry!
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Well - I have no answer to tour questions. I myself am absolutely shocked at these continuting attempts to destroy the good thing we have built. And believe me... its a fantastic shelter - I never saw anything like it - no cages, just wide spaces with trees and games for cats that have been abandoned by their owners to have a second chance at life.

This evil force (people, ad I mentioned in the cat lounge), have found an easy target, and we can't shake them off with the current means. NOt enough money to bring a security gaurd, and not much coorperation from the police (can you blame them? they need to deel with bigger issues in Israel these days, like suicide bombers...).

In short, only with the help of people around the world - we can establish a stable budget to have security around the clock. It just costs so much...

Nevertheless - your sympathy means so much to me. You are wonderful. and thanks for the other link, I will indeed post there.

Thank you so much!! and have a Happy New Year despite it all!!!
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I can't seem to register there. It keep giving me error messages (Im not really sure what Im doind wrong).

could you please post my message there?
That would help so much...

Thank you!!
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OMG **@*** for short

I was thinking , do you have also dogs at your shelter ? If so , maybe you can keep some and let them run around in the night or when your shelter is closed to keep people like that away ? Maybe this is something for you to look at and think about .
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Katie, thank you so much!!
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Just a thought that if you could get the news media to pick up this story, donations would be flowing in...but how do you get CNN or Fox News aware????
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What a good idea. With CNN or Fox it would go worldwide. Or, if you could get an Associated Press reporter interested, that would help as well.
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TNR to your post over there, would you please add this link?

This one is a viable link to donations and a story about Rivi and the shelter- thanks!
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I would just email a simle paragraph with some backgroundinfo to Reuters, AP, CNN and Fox news and hope that an animal lover gets the is worth a try..the publicity would be priceless...
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Hi guys - great ideas have been brought up here.
I have every intention to get in touch with the press, I just need to find the time between work and school...
does anyone have email addresses for the big networks news desk?
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Hi Nunny,
I will spend some time tomorrow searching through the internet to see if i can find some addresses for you...unless someone knows the addresses readily....
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Just found the contact info for Reuters..
I cut and pasted it here from their site...will do more tomorrow as promised..

How do I submit press releases to Reuters?
\tPlease send press releases to:

New York News Desk
Tel: +1 646 223 6100

London News Desk

Singapore News Desk
Fax: + 65 870 3820
Tel: + 65 870 3814

Please note that we can only accept press releases in electronic format. Press releases are considered for news reports and not passed straight through in the manner of a press release distribution service. For time-sensitive material, please submit via PR Newswire or Bizwire
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Dumac, thank you so much!!
Im on it!!

I just hope it will get any attention what-so-ever... Maybe is i will tell them Sadam was involved in some way... naaa kidding!
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Here is the associated press address----

If the story has national or international significance, e-mail Do not send attachments in e-mail messages.

For CNN, try this-----

For Fox news, they give the local affiliate stations in Israel..they are

Yes \t\
Tevel \t\
Matav \t\
Golden Channels

Hope this helps--if i can think of anything else..ill post it here...but i do think it is a great human interest story that will touch animal lovers world be persistent...
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Ursula' your help is priceless!

I will get in touch with these addresses. Im already in touch with local news channels (including what you have found, thanks for the foot work!!). I hope all this coverage will scare off the crimina minds behind it all. I believe its a bunch of bored juvenile teens, that have too much free times on their hands. I just wish they would do something less harmful with their time!!!! so very frustrating.

Thanks again!
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Hi Nunny,
I just wrote an email to "Dateline"--that is a very popular news magazine show here in the states..sometimes they feature human interest stories suuch as yours... i hope they pick up on it...i said it was one more tragedy of the terrorist climate we now live in...
were any of the animals hurt in this act of vandalism?? have they gotten loose???
Let us know what is happening...
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Thanks Ursula! Im familiar with Dateline, and I hope they reply in some way.

In this attack - the cats were chasen out through a gap that was cut in the fence. Luckily most of them were found and brought back safely. Last time (about 6 months ago), the criminals sprayed the cats with fire distinguishers and killed some of them. Our dogs were drugged, and couldn't do anything.

Im just hoping we can get enough money to put security there, once and fore all, and to stop these cruel people from attacking again. For now - I have some volunteers that are taking turns in watching the place, but I can't find one for every night, so we're not completely safe.

Thank you for all your help - I do feel like we're not alone in this anymore! Im really touched.
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This link that you gave in your first email

does not work....

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thanks for bringing this to my attention - here is the revised link:
Israel Cat Rescue

thank you!
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Hi Nunny,
I never got a response from Dateline....have you had any luck contacting news media?? and what is happening at the shelter????
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Well, Im trying very hard to collect donations, but people dont have much to give, even if they want to...
In the meatime, we had to concentrate on a new threat - stopping the killings of hundreds of innocent cats and dogs for the fear of rabies. Hopefully later on this week - I will be able to go back to gathering donations for the shelter. On January 23rd a lot of volunteers will come to help us fix the damages. I will post some pictures, I promise!!

I havne't heard back from CNN or Reuters, only from local papers, which helped.

Thanks, I will keep you posted :-)
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