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Royal Canin Siamese food

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Hi guys

Have any of you tried this? Is it any good? I have bought Luca a packet of this and she seems to like it - my mum says that I am a sucker and a marketer's dream as it is no different to any other food.

What do you guys think?
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I reviewed it here:

Royal Canin
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Cool, thanks Hissy!
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A lot of people, including me, have been making fun of this on other forums, because at first glance, it seems to be a marketing gimmick. M.A.'s assessment is helpful, but.... When asked, I say that JC is an "alley cat", because he looks like an overlong, oversized domestic shorthair with a narrow face and a hairy belly. In fact, his mother was a white Oriental Shorthair (basically a Siamese without the mask and dark legs), and his purported father was a Norwegian Forest Cat (the closest thing to a Maine Coon here in Europe). RC doesn't agree with him - he's had the Kitten, Fit, Light,Indoor, Hair & Skin, & Sensitive formulas, and developed severe dandruff every time , but if I were to feed it, what would I do? Mix RC "Siamese" with RC "Maine Coon"? I have heard, on other forums, of many Persians who have developed allergy and/or urinary tract problems after being given the Persian formula. Another problem that has come to my attention is that some cats given RC don't seem to develop struvite stones, but have trouble with oxalate stones. So I'm a bit sceptical still. I don't want to imply that I consider RC an inferior food - it is far better than most supermarket brands, and invented dry cat food, but it doesn't agree with many cats, and I would like to see the problem of grain allergies and oxalate stones addressed before the company adds more specialties to its line.
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In RC's defense, I will say that before testing any of their products I did extensive research on the company itself. They actually cater to the cat breeders, and they have cat breeders and vets/ veterinary colleges all over the nation testing their new products as it is being developed and long afterward. They do strive to give each breed the maximum in nutrition and vitamins that they can. My suggestion is if you find their product has caused problems, to write to them and send them copies of your vet records so they can look into it and resolve the problem.
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That's a good idea, M.A.. I know some Persian breeders have already contacted the German and Swiss offices (the big question in my mind is, aren't Persians rather susceptible to urinary tract problems?). I simply stopped buying RC for JC because of the dandruff. When I asked people on a very large German-language forum if they'd had the same trouble, I only got two or three affirmative replies. JC appears to be allergic to the "pea bran" (my translation: Erbsenkleie) in RC.
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