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Weird Picture

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Weird Picture
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I have been looking at it for awhile and don't notice anything weird... I'm so blonde someone please explain....!
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That was evil!! LOL!
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don't feel bad Sam...I don't get it either & I'm not blonde!
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Just what I needed tonight, a confirmation that I need to get a life !
Sigh...........LOL !
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Sam after you exit out a box pops up that's the point of the picture. I cant tell you or it will give it away.
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Oh LMAO! I just clicked out... and saw the box, DUH! Shoulda guessed..
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It's Ok Sam! You just proved again that you are adorable!
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did you mean that ding on the left ? I still don't get it .
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When you go there stare at the pic a few secs or whatever. If you refresh or click the 'x' in the top right corner to get rid of the page a box pops up with a message. The message is what the point of the picture is.
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Originally posted by Gothic_Amethyst
It's Ok Sam! You just proved again that you are adorable!
LOL! Thanks...

Hedi, you had the same problem as me, try clicking the 'X' on the top right, and a box should pop up.
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nope , it did not happen to me .
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Welcome Sam!
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LMAO! Wow! I sure do feel stupid!
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You have to leave the pic up on your PC for a bit for the box to come up.
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I kept expecting something to pop out and scream! Of course, the figure in the dress standing outside the window was weird.
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Nothing happened for me. I guess I just don't know how to get the box. I even left the picture up for a long time.
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LMAO! And I spent MORE than 2 minutes staring! Geeeeeeeeeze!

(Good one Kellye!)
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Good one!
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sighhhh and i was trying so hard!!!!
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I guess my pop up stopper prevented me from getting the box. When I disabled it, I finally was able to see the box.
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I thought it was going to be one of those pictures you stared at and then something jumped out at you. I haaaaate those! So I clicked out right away!
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I thought the pic looked somewhat familiar to me.
Someone sent me a similar "joke" last year . . . only after staring for a while, something happened to make me jump (I don't recall now)
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Well, I've stared at it for what feels like eons, changed my preferences to accept all popups, stared at it for more eons, and still nothing happens. Guess I'm out of luck. C'est la vie! I've changed my preferences back.
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