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IBS questions

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Hi, everyone;

I am wondering if anyone could help me out with some info about IBS in cats. I looked around the site and searched the threads, but didn't find some of the info I am looking for - sorry if I missed something that is already out there.

I am looking for the following info:

1) What are the symptoms of IBS?

2) How is IBS diagnosed?

3) What are the different treatments for IBS?

4) Is IBS a lifelong condition, or does it ever completely go away? If it is lifelong, does it get progressively worse?

5) Is there anything else I should be asking about IBS to get a beginner's understanding of the condition?

I am asking because I am starting to wonder if Simba may have IBS. His stools have been loose and smelly since we first got him (as a stray about 5 months ago). We have had him tested for worms multiple times, and he is clean. He also vomits quite a bit - probably once a day at least. The vomiting was less frequent once we put him on IAMs hairball care as his only food, but it is starting to pick up again.

Last night I was in the room when he used the litterbox, and his stomach was making a lot of gurgling noises right afterwards. He will also occasionally meow for a full minute or two before he uses the litterbox, which seems strange (he's done it two or three times in the last couple of months - not a lot, but odd). Anyhow, all of these pieces are making me wonder if he has IBS, so I would appreciate any information anyone can share with me.

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This article may be of help.

Winn Foundation Article on IBD in cats

I would suggest a thorough exam and work-up by your vet to determine if this is indeed IBD or one of the other possibilities. I have one cat with ibd and one who as it turns out has intestinal lymphoma. Tx for the one with ibd was a diet change (after initial tx with flagyl and prednisone) to Hills Z/D, and he's been maintained on this for two years approx.

Once your vet has determined what this is, you can help Simba feel better - poor guy
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Don't automaticaly assume it's IBS which actually can only be determined 100% via a biopsy.

My first question is what do you feed him. The reason I am asking is that that it also could be food allergies - something which also needs to be checked into. Most food alleries are to wheat/corn/dairy.

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