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our D.T. for monday

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Another week!

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was nice except for the traffic driving back from Westpoint NY last night. It was the worst I've ever seen it.

I just have a feeling that this week is going to be a good one. Don't know why, but I do.

Saw Planet of the apes. I liked it. Of course I had zero expectations which doesn't hurt. Next up on the list I really want to see Rush hour 2. Loved the first one & this one looks to be just as good.

everyone have a great day!

Anne, I'm praying for you
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The kids and I are heading over to a friend's house right now to go swimming and have a picnic lunch. (I sure love being a stay-at-home mom!)

I had a pretty good weekend, except my husband and I got in a huge fight Friday night. I think we worked it out because the rest of the weekend was pretty nice. We watched Family Man Saturday night, and I cried. I just loved it. What a wonderful message. Next to watch is Pay It Forward. I have it, I just need to find the time to watch it.

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Yay, a new week.

Unlike most people I think I am starting to like the actual week. I stay busy cleaning and etc so I feel as if I am doing something... (Though I am getting a job once we get our new place) and Craig goes to work. Don't get me wrong I love my boyfriend with all my heart.. but it is nice to have some quiet time to myself. (Don't know why I call it quiet.. nothing is ever quiet with these three kittens running all over)

This morning I woke up.. took a shower.. and began washing clothes. Then it was off to the kitchen to clean the mess from the weekend. (I typically don't do any cooking, cleaning, etc on the weekend.. its my days off!) Once I had tackled that.. I came up to the bedroom and made the bed. (I read somewhere that it is good to let your sheets air out before making the bed because even if you weren't sweating your body releases a lot of fluids... anyone know if this is true?)

I ate lunch soon after that.. and am now here.. after hanging up clothes and folding clothes.. etc. I've started washing the bedding.. because Craig loves to have his sheets and blankets washed once a week.. and I don't mind it much myself.

I have vowed to get my haircut this weekend. I mean cut short. Right now it is to the middle of my back.. I'm thinking of cutting it to my shoulders or chin. It'll be a big change.. and I'll be losing about a foot of hair. So a lot of thought was put into it. If I don't like it.. I can always grow it back out!

My Monday wasn't too shabby and I'm in a nice mood... so no complaining here. I finally got to see Final Fantasy. Veeery nice animation... the people did a wonderful job putting it together.. the story line wasn't too bad either!

I am like AP.. I am wanting to see Rush Hour 2 now. I love a good comedy.. and Jackie Chan + that other guy (can never remember his name ) make for a lot of laughs. I hope its as good as Rush Hour was!

Anyway, I'm blabbing up a storm here.. and in reality.. I should start packing.. we move in two weeks! I can't wait!!!
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Hey Cassie,

Check this site out. If you are getting your hair cut. I didnt know about it when I chopped all mine off, I wish I did. Every year I swear my hair gets shorter!!http://www.locksoflove.org/hair_donation.htm
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Thanks Sandie...

I don't know if the place I'm going can cut my hair like that.. or if I can even donate with the way my hair is currently cut. But I will try. Though I think I'm only cutting 9 - 12 inches... depending on the type of cut I get... however, if I can donate my hair.. I definitely will.. that is such a wonderful cause! I'm helping.. you know.. if I can't cut my hair and donate and still be happy with its length I may just wait until my hair is long enough that I can cut 10" and be happy. We shall see! Thanks again!
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