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Daily Thread for New Years Day 2004

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Happy New Year!!!
I didn't see a daily thread for today, so I thought I'd start one. I have today and tomorrow off from work, and then I have to work this weekend. There's not much happening around here, I'm going to spend the day putting away all my Christmas decorations and doing some general cleaning around the house. So far, Snowball's been having a quite day too. He's been sleeping in his cat bed all morning!

What is everyone else doing today???
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taking down tree,finding someplace to put toys,cleaning.lirking here!
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A quiet day for me, I have a headache, so I am drinking as much water as possible. Jake is watching the football, which is just fine with me as I have a couple of books to read.
Just had some cheese on toast for lunch - trying to eat as little as possible as I ate so much last night that I think I am going to be paying the price for it.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2004 is better for you all than 2003 was!
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Happy New Year. Just woke up, I stayed up very late watching TV last night. Dan was at work. I was at a friend's party and came home around 2. Today I'm just going to veg and wear my pajamas all day. I am on vacation until Monday. Haven't been to work since last Tuesday--one of the benefits of being a teacher. Every day feels like Sunday.

I really needed this break. I think I'm going to start writing lesson plans later today, to get ahead of myself and be able to work less once school starts again.
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I feel a bit delicate today as I didn't get to bed until gone 3am and the bottle or so of champagne didn't exactly help matters . . . :-)

Today we have been cleaning out our office at home as we have decided to change this into a nursery for Dominik. The PC will go down into the dining room in the basement and basically all the office clutter will have to be filed, sorted and tidied.

So far we have 4 huge bags of rubbish!!!!! The room will be a powder blue with beige and off-white hot air baloons and kites stencilled on the walls. I have a navy blue blind on which we will stencil a smiling crecent moon.

I'm actually quite excited about creating Dominik's own little room for him. Hopefully by the end of the weekend we'll be done and finally we will be able to watch TV in bed in our own room without fear of waking the baby!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone at TCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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snowing.....snowing....snowing.........really odd, it is not supposed to snow and stick in this part of the state! My one horse was trembling this morning, so I put both boys in the stalls and gave them plenty of hay. I hope Trav's quivering is either a left-over from the fireworks fright last night, or he is cold, though I groomed him out and he wasn't that wet. I dried him off with a wool blanket and gave him some warm gruel. I just hope he isn't injured. One ill horse is enough for me thank you.

The snow is fascinating the trips- they were outside earlier chasing the snowflakes, and all you could see were the spots on their heads! LOL Cyclone and Cleo are curled up on the heating pad on the porch and the rest of the cats are inside and warm.
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I am working on some school stuff, not having much luck, cooking, and later cleaning. I am SO ready to go back to school to have something to do. Finals are next week, but I don't think I have to take but 1. My other teachers are allowing those with A's not to take the final. 1 is questionable, it could go either way, but my teacher's computer went on the fritz the night we were to find out, . He said to call him over the holidays and he would let me know, but since I haven't heard from him, I am hoping no news is good news. It is my hardest class, but on the upside, he told me not to stress over it. I am looking over the material anyway, and will study like mad for the time I just have to be there, not taking tests, if it turns out I have to take it.
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We're decorating at last! Spent all day taking up horrible lounge carpet and scrubbing the tiles underneath! Hope you all had a good new years eve and happy new year to all!
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I slept until 8:00 and Bill didn't get up, until 10:00. He's not used to being up, until 2:00 a.m.

When I put a load of laundry into the dryer, I felt a sudden draft. The vent hose had broken. That sent Bill off to Ace Hardware and I took myself off to Wal-Mart, as we were almost out of cat litter.

Its nice, warm and sunny, today and I should get motivated to take down the outside lights. Maybe Sunday.
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I am being a total slug today. We stayed up until about 2 am last night, then I was up at 5 as usual - I just can't sleep in! So I am stumbling around in a total zoned-out fog. At least no hangover since I don't drink anymore...

I did manage to get the bathroom cleaned, and am getting ready to throw in some laundry. Other than that - how pathetic is this - I have been playing my son's SIMS game on the computer for hours. It really is the perfect thing for when you're going to be completely worthless at everything else. I can't even focus enough to read a book.

My husband slept in, so he is doing much better than I. He took the kids ice skating, so they are having some fun. I should take a nap, but my sleep gets so messed up at night anyhow that I try to avoid naps as much as possible. So I think I will just be a zombie until bedtime hits...

Happy New Year to everyone at TCS!!!!!
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Usually I take down the Christmas decorations and clean on New Year's Day, but today I had to be as quiet as a mouse, because my husband didn't get in till 6:45 a.m. - he worked all night. So I read German newspapers online, printed out a couple of articles, and translated them into English - school starts up again next week, and I had so far done next to nothing as far as preparing lessons is concerned. Tomorrow is going to be the same, so the house will have to wait until Saturday. Another week of vacation would be great - I have a guilty conscience about how lazy I've been - sleeping late, reading books, etc.. My "to do" list is so long!
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