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What Is Going On?

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In the last couple of weeks there are about 5-6 of our ferals at the park that have become almost tame to us. They are letting Kevin pet them, rubbing on his leg, and actually running right up to him! These cats have been in the colony for about 5 years now, so they're not new ones that may have been dumped and tame. One that is coming within inches from him is a calico we named Freckles. She was the most feral of them all and now this! The one good thing is they will not let anyone else near them. We always fear this since you don't know who would harm them. I will get some pictures of this and post them!
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How odd! It must be so exciting to have them decide to trust you after all of these years. I agree that it is a good thing that they are still afraid of everyone else. There are some sick, sick people out there who would love the opportunity to hurt a cat.

I can't wait to see the pictures!
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When this happened to me one year in Alaska it was right before the worst storm ever hit us (no warning) the cats I had been feeding all of a sudden became very loving, and we were able to capture up mom and 5 babies! The very next day we got hit with a snowstorm and got snowed in for 6 days! Not trying to scare you, but sometimes cats sense urgency when we see none at all.
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Wow - it sure sounds wonderful. I hope that like MA says it's not a sense of some impending event. And I do agree - it's great that they're only friendly with you. What a rewarding feeling that must be!!!!

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Oh gosh, I sure hope it isn't anything like that! They've been doing this for a couple weeks now so hopefully they've just learned to trust us. We got there too late this evening to take pictures so hopefully in the next couple of evenings we can get there before the sun sets. We've been doing this for over 5 years now at this same park, so maybe it's trust!

That is so neat you were able to rescue the mom and kittens before the storm. It never ceases to amaze me how smart these creatures are!
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A feral mom brought her kittens to us 2 hours before a tornado hit this spring. The mom's of both of my orphaned litters brought their kittens to my front porch shortly before they disappeared. All were extremely tolerant of us (we built shelters over the kittens while mom watched us). I think there is something to all this!

I hope there is nothing about to happen!!
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We got some pictures!! Were only able to get 2 of them since the sun was setting:

This is Kurby:

This is a newer cat on the block (about a year), Java:
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Oh...they are soooo pretty. Who would imagine that they are feral!
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I guess I'm just in a teary mood today, but wow! I'm all choked up with those pics. How truly wonderful that is. And yes - they are so smart, aren't they? Guess they know who they can trust!

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It's so hard to leave them and know they don't have a safe/loving home. The only saving grace is I know we're taking good care of them and it's way more chance than they would ever have. I brought my little Bo home from there and she's the most loving cat we own. We have several others from the park, and then some from the neighborhood. I still say ferals turn out to be the best pets! They know how to appreciate something they didn't once have.
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