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Gimme a fix..pleeeease

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I'm totally on edge. I wanna get my cat NOW, but have to wait and see how the situation with Jack transpires on Monday. What I wouldn't give to pet a cat right now and hug it.

I've been looking thru owners cats and they are adorable. That pic of JC in the signature is superb.

Can some of you guys post some pics for me on here cos I need a fix. I'm going crazy here....
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Sure we can do that Of course the very best place to get a pic fix is the fur pictures only forum. There are tons of great pictures of kitties there
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Happy New Year! Have you looked through "Fur Pictures Only", or "Caption This"? Here's another picture of JC for you.
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My Sweet Oscar:
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The Sammycat after his turkey on Christmas Day
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Superb! I can't get enough...anymore?
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The Cat Pages are another place to see some good pictures and read a little about the different cats. If you click on the link in my signature you will see Snowball's Cat Page.

This is Snowball...
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Check out the Fur Pictures Only forum! Every once in a while I will go through all of the posts in there too

Good luck getting your new kitty soon!
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I've got cute kitty pics!

Austin (top), Brandy (dog/pillow/cat warmer), George.
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2 of Casey's babies...from long ago
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My sister's cat, George (same one as above pic)
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My sweet girl, Marley!
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This is just a cool picture, a cat I had as a kid, McKenzie
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Perry! My feral kitty. A calico female cat had babies in the neighborhood, she was totally wild and didn't belong to anyone. There were 4 kittens, 1 regular orange tabby (no white), 1 dilute calico, 1 mostly white with gray, and Perry. My dad's friend wanted farm cats, and the neighbors were getting sick of the strays. We started feeding the cats so they would come into our yard more. They got to where they would come up to us for food. So we got a trap from the police department. In one night, we caught all the cats and mom. As we were catching them, we put them in a big box outside. Perry was the only one not caught. That night my mom heard some noise outside, and thought it was perry in the trap. She got out there in enough time to see perry jump on the box, open it, and release all but one. A couple weeks later, they trapped the other ones, but not Perry. He started to get really sweet. I'd go outside and he'd sit on my lap and let me love all over him. I have never seen such an affectionate cat! He'd just purr and purr and purr happy as can be. Finally, my parents noticed that I could pick the cat up and they made me give him up. Last I heard he was still out on that farm, but he never made friends with any other people.
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Finally, my three current kitties....

Marley, willie, and Rueben.
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