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Thanks for the welcome (plus News about Jack)

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Hi thanks for the kind welcome messages, much appreciated.

I read a bit futher down about SoftPaws thingie jiggies. I think they are a great idea for indoor cats. I guess i'll see how One Eyed Jack does when we get him....see how his habits pan out. LOL

Jack will be a house cat. The Cat Protection league who are looking after him till he goes to the Vet's on Monday says he has the choice of going outside in their "Enclosed Cat Run" but he never choses to go outside. I'm happy with that, cos he'll be a house cat anyways.

I'm due a phone call about his progress on Monday after he has been to the vets, we'll either know if he has to have his eye removed or not, but looks like he will have to. We can take him in his recovery period too if we wished to (we do!).

I don't even have a picture of him, all I know is that he is semi longhaired with a nice bushy tail. He has great character and if you leave the room, he gets up and comes with you. He is on tablets at the moment to numb the pain until he sees Vet on Monday about final "deciding" on his eye.

I've already dug out my old cat carrier and nail clippers ready for him. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll post some pics when I get him!
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That's SO exciting - awaiting the arrival of a new kitty addition. Glad you've got gone to CP - I used to do voluntary work for them and they do some seriously worthwhile work for our feline companions.

It would be great to see a pic of Jack when you finally get him home - I'm going to go back now and read up in your other posts about him!!!
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Waiting can be very long time if you are excited . I hope everything will turn out good for Jack and he will have no more pain in his eye. That poor baby . I am so happy for him and for you
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Thanks for your kind words. I'm very excited and can't wait!
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I can't wait to see some pix of him.
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I can understand your excitement. It sounds as if Jack can anticipate a loving home, and I'm looking forward to your posts and pictures of him.
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