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Einstein has a runny eye!

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My poor little einstein has some discharge from his left eye and now he is really lethargic...not eating or drinking. Soonest app. for the vet is Friday morning and I am sooo worried about him!

I gave him some water and watered down wet cat food with a dropper...I am going to try to give him some kitty treat milk the same way...poor little dear.

Anyone ever have this happen before? his third eyelid is a tiny bit visible...
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I have seen something similiar before. My RB cat, Midnight, developed glaucoma in both eyes and had periodic episodes of severe pain and inflammation. IMO, I think einstein is lethargic and refusing to eat or drink because he's in pain. There are a number of different things that could be wrong with his eye, please take him to a vet ASAP and preferably sooner than Friday. Are there any emergency vets in your area?
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I agree , you need to go now to the vet with your cat . Call around who has open as emergency vet now and go .
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Ok...starting to freak out.

Einstein has been the same today. His vet appt. is set for 9"15 am tomorrow. I am so worried because I lost a kitten to FIP on November 1st..I am thinking this could possibly be his end too. Although he is 2 years old, and cats of that age are usually safe from FIP, it is probable that he could have it. I know it is spready by a repiratory type virus...and he has runny eyes and I heard him sneeze a couple times.

I am so worried and I will be up all night...poor guy is so lethargic. I force fed him some watered down babyfood and plain water with a dropper to hopefully keep the fatty liver disease at bay..

Some prayers for my little one? I know they will keep me up all night.

I'll let you all know what the vet says tomorrow.
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Bless your heart ((((((HUGS))))))

I will say a prayer for Einstein
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