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Loss of my cat

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Yesterday was one of the saddest days of my life as it was the last day of my beloved Toonces. She was only 12 years old but was in total kidney failure . She was put on I.V. fluids and even given lasix twice but she did not urinate at all and she started building up fluids in her body ,so much that she gained two pounds in 10 hours. It was such a hard decision but one that had to be made. Now I just can't get over my grief !!! I was wondering if anyone else had a kitty that simply stopped urinating. The vet told us we had NO option.
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Judy, I'm so sorry for your loss. No matter what is going on it is a difficult decision, and undoubtedly a heartwrenching one. I'm sure your vet gave you the best advice he knew how to give. It sounds like Toonces was in dire straights and as much as it hurt to let her cross the bridge, I'm sure you made the right decision for her. She is at the Bridge now, healthy and free from pain forever. She will always be in your heart. Take the time to grieve for her, you have lost a special friend, a member of the family. What you are going through is perfectly normal.
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I've dealt with kidney failure in the past, and it's a tough battle. It sounds like your vet gave you good advice and you made the right decision. It's never an easy one, but sometimes it's the one which shows the greatest amount of love.

I'm terribly sorry for your loss. You have my deepest sympathies.

Here's a site which you may find helpful. It has some very good information and references to help deal with your loss.

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I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Toonces.
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I am so sorry of your loss ((((((HUGS)))))), may Toonces RIP
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I'm so sorry about your loss of your beloved Toonces. (HUGS).

RIP Toonces baby.

Its perfectly normal for you to be grieving right now. What you did was the best choice for you and especially for Toonces. He will never be forgotten but he is free of his pain and suffering. Feel free to take your time to grieve and to talk to anyone here when you need to.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. To lose your baby after 12 years has to be incredibly difficult. Just know that Toonces is in a better place. Remember, sometimes the most kind, loving thing to do is end their pain. Toonces thanks you for it. I wish you peace in your grief. Remember, Toonces will always be your angel.
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Thanks to everyone that responded !!! I am so grateful and my mind is a little more relieved knowing that we did the "right thing" but it is still so difficult not having her here. I DO feel better knowing that Toonces is in your thoughts and I hope she is at the Bridge enjoying the warm sunshine. (she was an indoor cat but she always found a sunny place to lay)

Your words are a great comfort to both myself and my husband...THANK YOU for being so very kind.

R.I.P. my wonderful girl
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I am so sorry to hear about your kitty.May she rest in peace.
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I'm in tears reading this. Take the time to grieve and remember that Toonces will always be watching over you. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm in tears also.
Toonces will be catching the butterflies now!.

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Oh how sad!!!! I'm really sorry that you lost your beloved kitty. It was a brave and selfless thing that you did, and one day Toonces will have the chance to thank you for your kind deed.

I do hope you stick around once you've got over your pain - it's fun here.
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RIP Toonces. You did the right thing. I'm sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Losing a cat like that is so very hard...take comfort that Toonces is free from pain, and sitting in a windowsill in the warm sun over the Rainbow Bridge.

I like to think that there are windowsills for any cat who wants one - and mice to open the doors to let cats in or out to chase butterflies as they please all day & night.

RIP Toonces
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This is a wonderful site and I wish I had more time to visit but my computer time is limited. I baby sit my 7 month old grandson and he does keep me very busy....... One good thing is ,he was a BIG help (even though he did not know it) because all I had to do was see his smiling face and I would "forget" my sorrow for a while.

I still think of Toonces everyday and sometimes I think I see her sleeping in her favorite spot. I love and miss her so !!!!

I just wanted to ,once again, thank everyone who responded. I know if I ever need a kind word or good advice I can always come here for help !!! This place is the best ! AND thanks to all of you who took the time to write me. I feel very lucky and grateful !!!!
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Judy - almost the exact same thing happened to my 15 year old cat, Satchi, in November of this past year. Renal failure, nothing they could do, so I had to make the decision. It was truly the hardest thing I've ever had to do, yet I had to be strong and do the right thing for her. She been abused, and abandoned when she came to live with me in 1990 --plus, had only three legs, but she rocked those three legs... - and overcame terror of any human, and turned into the complete princess of Normal Avenue...everyone loved her.
I was there with her when they put her to sleep, and it took a while to get over that experience. Heck, maybe I'll never really get over it...but it was the right thing to do, even though it absolutely almost tore me apart...

Nothing anyone can say really makes it any better, but you did the right thing...and you have to let yourself grieve, and be "in" and with those emotions. I still get very teary, and am adjusting to my kitty not being are my other two kitties. She taught me so much, in life, and now even in death...I am lucky to have had her in my life. That is what I try to focus on.

much love...
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Judy -

So sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my beautiful Elvis-kitty in late May, 2003 due to liver disease. As hard as it is for us to say goodbye to our beloved furbabies, it's harder to watch them suffer. You have to know that Toonces is okay now - happy, healthy and in good company with all of our dearly departed furbabies, watching out for us and our new furry friends that we bring into our homes, just to love. As sad as these difficult days are for you, always remember that you gave Toonces a warm and loving home and that there's room in your heart to give and receive that love with another furry friend.

Stef and Moe
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I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss - this has been said so many times here, but what you did really was the very best thing you could have done for Toonces. It was selfless and brave and even though it hurts, you can have that peace of mind in that you didn't keep her suffering. That shows the deepest love - to really love someone, you've got to love them enough to let them go. I'm sure you have some absolutely fabulous memories in your heart that will always make you smile when you look back on them. Toonces had a wonderful life with someone who loved her dearly... what more could a cat ever want? I'm sure Toonces is watching over you now

God bless
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Reading this made me think of one of our girls that we had to have put to sleep last year. She too, had kidney failure. She had lived with it for more than a year and was doing ok, but then things took a big turn for the worse. By the look in her eyes, I could tell she was in pain and scared and I knew what needed to be done. My wife and I both cried at the vets office as we watched her go to sleep. I still think I see her once in a while. As sad as it was, we both knew we did the right thing. It would have been selfish on our part to try to keep her here. She is now with all the other kitties on the other side of the bridge, lying in the warm sun, happy and free of pain.
I am so sorry for your loss, may your Toonces RIP
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Judy - I am so sorry for your loss and it brings me back to my own loss, so I completely know how you feel. I really feel for you and the only thing to get through this is time and remembering the wonderful memories you shared. The pain does ease, but it will always be hard, I'm sure. You do have to know that it was the best thing for your cat, so the poor thing didn't have to suffer. No matter if it was the right decision to make it doesn't make it any easier, I understand.

My kitty was 15 yrs old and all of a sudden developed diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure and blindess. We had to put her to sleep b/c it was costing so much money to try to "fix" her when the vet told us, she may never be free from all of those ailments. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, I cried so much and so hard for a whole week and then some. I still think of her often (this happened last June)and still cry. I felt like I lost one of my children, as I sit and type this I am trying to hold back my tears.

God Bless Toonces
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I'm so sorry! May you rest in peace Toonces.
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