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Great kitten story to end the year.

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Got thif from the website. Why don't I ever get anything like this from a machine?

Wed, December 31, 2003

Kitty pops out of machine


NORTH BAY -- Julie Spence ended up getting Pepsi from the pop machine, but it didn't come in a bottle or can. This Pepsi was white, furry, and weighed less than a pound. And it purred a lot.

Spence, a manager at a convenience store, rescued a three-week-old kitten from inside a Pepsi pop machine in the store's parking lot Dec. 23.

The kitten, apparently abandoned, was taken to the nearby animal clinic for a checkup -- a little cold and maybe frightened but perfectly healthy. Spence decided to keep it.

"My theory is someone just dropped her off where the pop comes out, and she just felt the warmth from inside and crawled in," said Spence.

"I'm going to name her Pepsi because she does have a bit of a story behind how I came to have her," Spence said.

At home for a week, Pepsi is becoming "playful," and Spence's 22-month-old daughter loves the kitten, she said.
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What an angel!! I hope she and Pepsi have many long, happy, healthy years together!!
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What a great story! Bless her for taking the sweetheart in!

I just love stories like this!
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Great story. She must have been quite suprised!

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What a wonderful story to end this year . And what a unique name " PEPSI "
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I love the story and the name!!!!!!!!!
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Now that is a great story!

Wonder if my husband would believe that story if a brought a kitten home?
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poor little kitty, glad he has a home.
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What a wonderful story and a great ending for one lucky kitten and rescuer. May they have many good years together.

And what a name for a kitten.
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Great story, and a lucky kitty.
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Sounds like fate brought them together!
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Thanks for the sweet story, I am so glad "Pepsi" found a home.
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My boyfriend was telling me this story on New Years Eve, but he had a few facts mixed up.

Poor kitty, but at least it had a happy ending
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Now that's some lucky little kitty!!
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What a lucky kitty Pepsi is!
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Now that's a wonderful story
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Silly kitty, it should have crawled over to the nearest Coke machine.

Only kidding! What a heart warming story
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