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Funny Cat Antics

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I don't know if this topic has been brought up in this Forum, but here goes. What is the funniest thing your kitten/cat does/did? For me it's when my roomate leaves the top up on the toilet and her "kid" Tiger gets up on her hind legs and drinks the water. What is Your favorite cat antic?
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One of my babies, Bod (the fat greedy podge ball) has a fetish for the ring pull thingy that comes off of a bottle of milk, - you know the bit you have to have to pull off before you can unscrew the lid (?) and he loves to steal food from my plate - no matter what it is - he wants it!! Oh it makes me chuckle! :laughing:
But my all time favorite thing he does is in the morning my husband goes downstairs to let them in, and he bombards past hubby and pounds up the stairs to my bedroom,if the door is closed he sits there mewing frantically until I open the door, or if its already open he just barges in and leaps at me, if I don't pick him up straight away he sits up on his back legs with his front paws in the air just looking at me as if to say "well come on then....I look cute don't I?!" Of course I just can't resist him so he ALWAYS gets his cuddles. He does this without fail every morning!! Its just too cute!! (I don't think Id even get up if he didn't come in every morning!!)
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