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How often do cats pee?

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Yes. I'm totally paranoid. Simon seems fine but I was just wondering how often cats urinate? I know I should be happy he's home, but really, I'm on pins and needles!
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Cats are good at holding their pee.. for 12 hours even!

Zoey and Saki pee once or twice a day that I notice.
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Mine urinates between 2-5 times per day.
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My Willow Useally visits the Litter box 2 once in the morning when I get home. TMFI but She and I share this moment LOL. And then she uses it again in the late Afternoon.

My Blade who is almost 4 months now uses it every single time he just passes the box. I swear I think he just likes to pee!! (I know that he's healthy as far and UTI goes. cause when I took him to the vet recently I asked about it just to be sure. and I was told he was all good.) But he's also a little guy who DRINKS NON STOP!! I can fill his water bowl and then within a matter of a few mins it's empty. So maybe that's why he goes all the time.
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My 3 cats do their peeing at night (maybe twice) and depending on how much they drank or if the weather is too hot, they pee once during the day.
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Our cat(castrated male) pees 3 -6 times a day. Three times a day in his litterbox seems to be the norm. I change his litter completely on Wednesdays, and then he immediately pees in the new litter (often while I'm carrying his litterbox back upstairs from the cellar - 13.5 lbs. of cat, jumbo litterbox, and litter - fun, fun!) . He goes for a walk every day on a leash, and if he has seen or smelled that another cat has been in his yard, he generally wets another 2 or 3 times.
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