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just to say hello you lot

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Just a quick note to introduce myself to you lot.

I'm Anth, live in United Kingdom, 30 years old. I've been brought up with cats and love them with a passion.

I'm getting a new cat next week, from Cat Protection League. He is a young loung haired cat with one eye. Called "Jack" (one eyed Jack). They reckon he was either hit by a car or been in a fight or been a victim of cruelty. Anyways I've decided to give him a nice loving home. Can't wait. I just love cats, always have done.

Anyways I hope you don't think I'm intruding in your forum cos you all seem to be girlies and I don't wanna "intrude".

Anyway at least one person here likes KISS! They are my 2nd fav band.

Happy new year to all of you and have a great time.

Cheers guys

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Well we aren't all "girlies" we do have men that post here and even a male moderator. You are welcome here, and thank you for taking in this cat that might not have a chance otherwise-
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Welcome, PontiacAnth. I'm the big Kiss lover here. There are some great men here, so please feel very free to post here as often as you'd like. We'd all love to hear all about one eyed Jack.
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Let me be the first of the other male members to welcome you. Jack sounds like a great cat, and thumbs up to you for taking him in.
Enjoy your stay.

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Welcome to TCS and enjoy your stay .

How nice of you to take Jack in , I am sure he will give you all the love back to you for taking him in . Btw I also have a cat name Jack .
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Hello and welcome!
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Welcome to Tcs.
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Hi, Anth. Men are definitely allowed, as long as you behaved yourselves and don't leave the toilet seat up
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Welcome to the site! Jack sounds like a wonderful kitty to give a second chance at life to.

And you certainly aren't intruding just by being male. We enjoy the guys we have here.
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Welcome to the site Anth. There are a few of us guys in here who love to talk about our cats
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Thank you I'm humbled...
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Anth, Welcome to thecatsite! I can't wait to hear more about Jack..
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Welcome Anth and little Jack. This is a great website full of information, laughter, emotions etc. It's super that because of you Jack now has a home, food every day and love
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Hey Anth, I'm a big KISS fan. I've been to several of their concerts. Have you ever heard of Twisted Sister? They began as a club band emulating KISS. They're another of my old favs. My musical taste has changed and converted over the years, but some of the concerts are in my favorite memories.
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I've never really liked Tisted Sister, I remember seeing a few pictures and thought "Jeeezzz" to cheesey.

I got a vintage KISS concert on VCD (mpeg) Hotter Than Hell tour 1975 at Winterland. The whole concert, apparently is is very very rare footage of a full vintage concert. It is in black and white, professionally shot. By the end of the concert 99% of Peter Criss' make up is all off!
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Welcome! Glad to you are here!
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Hi Anth, im also from the UK.

Glad to have you on the site, and good for you for adopting Jack.

The photo is fab!!!

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I'm from North East too (Geordieland!), flippin heck!

(the cat in my signature photo isn't Jack, as he have not got him yet)
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Wey Aye Man!!!!!

That means 'Yes' where we come from for everyone wondering what the hell does that mean?!.

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hi and welcome from UK midlands
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