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Plans for New Years?

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Anybody have any? I plan on being asleep when midnight strikes. I have been so busy and fighting a sinus chest infection that the only thing that makes me smile is the thought of sleep. Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's celebration, whatever it entails!
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I'm actually getting ready to head out the door (it's 4:30 pm here.) I'll be teaching a class in competative sparring techniques (Taekwondo) then we have pot luck dinner, then home - well before midnight. My wife is on call tonight and tomorrow, so no parties for us.

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We're staying home with the kitties. I might sleep through the changeover, since 2003 was such a lousy year for me.
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Well we were going to fly to Montreal for the night, but a couple of friends bailed. (My sister works for the airline and would have gotten us a massive discount) So instead they are heading downtown Toronto to a bar. I was on the fence whether or not I was going to go, but today I found out that everyone is getting dressed to the nines and I haven't a thing to wear! I just finished doing my sisters makeup for the night. So as for me, I'll be heading over to my other sisters condo and we're going to sit around with a couple of drinks and some food to feast on. Nothing terribly exciting for me, but I'm sure I'll make up for it on the weekend. Aside from that I have the shakes and my body is sore. Think I'm coming down with something
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We just got home about an hour ago with our new puppy. Needless to say, we're staying home tonight. Popped open the first beer (*belch*) and about to throw a rib roast in the oven. I'm sure to be sound asleep, on the floor with the puppy and whichever cats want to join us, long before midnight.

OK, so I'm old and boring.

btw....the cats are having a large time with the new boy. Koko has smacked him twice (careful Koko, he's already bigger than you) and Stumpy is head butting him.
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