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We have a little less than three hours to go till midnight here, and already people are setting off their fireworks, and JC is skittish. I think the last time I was out on New Year's Eve was when I was living at home (which was a long time ago), because our pet(s) can't be left alone with all that racket. Anybody 18 or over can buy fireworks here during the last three days of December. My husband has night shift tonight, and he was really dreading it when he left for work - in addition to people crashing their cars while DUI, there are going to be the usual blown-off hands, burns, and knocked-out eyes. I grew up in PA, and there fireworks weren't sold to private individuals. The towns had good fireworks displays on July 4th, and sometimes New Year's Eve, and people were, for the most part, satisfied with that. What do you think?
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Having lit off my fair share of (illegal in AZ) firecrackers, I think that they should be sold to adults only and used with sober adult supervision.

The problem that we have here, is people setting off brushfires with fireworks. My dad always made sure that we were in an open area of bare dirt and he kept the hose handy.
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I absolutely hate fireworks. Don't understand what's so great about them, and of course since my younger dog is scared of them, well... Luckily this year was fine, the first hour of hearing the noises he was sitting in my lap, panting and shaking a bit, but after that he was fine.

Over here fireworks can only be sold to people 18 or over, and they are only allowed from 6pm to 6am on new year's eve. Or on special permit. I think it's still too long a time, could be just a few hours around midnight, but this is a huge improvement anyway. At least I can get my dogs out before 6pm and not worry too much about the fireworks (even though some people don't do it according the law and start early).
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It's really quite where I am. The only fireworks I've heard so far are the ones my neighbor across the street is setting off in his front yard as I type. I'm watching from my window and the ones that are red, green and white are especially pretty!!!! BTW, the fireworks aren't bothering Snowball at all...he's in his little bed sleeping peacefully.

All private fireworks were illegal in my state (MN) for many years. People could still go to Wisconsin and Iowa to buy fireworks and many did, so now certain fireworks can be sold legally in MN. I think even when people know exactly what they are doing, all fireworks are very dangerous, even the ones used in public displays.
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Here in the county I live in its illegal in all but 3 towns and they are sold to those living within the city limits ONLY and are over 18.
Otherwise you cannot be in possetion of said devices or you'll get a fine and possible jail time. (Unless you get a permit to use city property and put on a show for everyone to watch and have the essentials to put it out should they get out of hand.)

(But it doesn't stop some people from smuggling them in and setting them off.)
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I voted for ppl 21 and over
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I don't mind sensible use of fireworks but it was like a war zone here last night with fireworks from 11pm to 3am this morning, luckily Jeeps isn't too bad with them. I wish people would stick to midnight on new year and organised displays for other holidays. Nov 5th is ALWAYS a nightmare.
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Is Nov. 5th Guy Fawkes Day? If so, fireworks are appropriate!
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Sorry, I don't think I was very clear on what I meant about the whole Bonfire night thing.I never said no fireworks on Nov 5th, I just wish people would go to organised displays instead of setting them off in the back yard. They are on sale before Nov 5th and we have fireworks going off for almost two weeks at all hours.

This year we went out and left the lounge lights on for Jeepers, we got home to find that someone had set off a large firework in our front garden that scorched the paint under our front window.

Not far from where I live a couple of kids threw a rocket through the window of a pensioners flat, it caused a huge fire, destroyed all her possessions and put three people in hospital. I don't live in a 'bad' or 'rough' area but things like this seem to happen all the same.

Hope I've explained why I'm a bit anti fireworks at that time of year. I don't mind organised displays, we have a huge one down the beach every year that I go to and one at the golf club across the road (although there is no golf course??? I still can't figure that one out!).

I just figure it's safer for everyone if we stuck to organised displays and didn't sell them to the general public (at least around here anyway) the display on the beach is free and is always really good fun.
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I hate the noise, the smoke and I have to take a shower twice in a row to remove the smell of gunpowder on my hair and skin. YUCK!
I voted for total control on the sale of fireworks!
I agree on organized displays in REALLY open grounds (like the beach).My neighbor has the awful habit of setting off his pyrotechnics on new year's eve (he's pretty quiet the rest of the year)and one time, one of the "rockets" flew from his backyard to the street hitting the post and causing a blackout!
A friend of mine who gave birth on January 2, years ago, also told me some horror stories about what she saw in the emergency room. There were people (some kids) who were victims of firecrackers accidents. The doctors were busy sawing on back fingers, toes, bandaging burns on the faces.
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Firework sales are illegal in New Jersey and New York. But you can buy them in any store in Pennsylvania, which is less than an hour from me. I have seen some really responsible people setting off fireworks, and some really drunk idiots. Last Independance Day my sister's neighbor was setting fireworks off in the street. She lives on a busy street but he was stopping traffic to light his fireworks. He lit 2 bushes on fire, and a car. I'm not sure if he ever paid for the car since the owner was away on vacation. I would hope he admitted it!

My vote is to keep them out of the hands of fools and let the experts handle them.
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They're illegal to sell and buy in Australia.

They're only sold to pyrotechnicians with permits and only for organised events.

This includes firecrackers.
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They are legal in Missouri and we buy them each year for the 4th of July - but only when we have mowed down the field, gotten a good amount of rain the week before, and it isn't windy. We have family and friends come over from 800 miles away to our annual event.

We tell all the neighbors each year when we do this so that they can bring in their pets. They are typically either blowing them off themselves or come over to our house to watch.

We light off really big cannons and don't mess with the smaller things like firecrackers - I think they are far less safe and are made so cheaply they have faulty fuses. We try to be responsible about it and in 10 years had only one close call when a roman candle backfired (it was faulty).
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I'm just sick of fireworks being sold on the side of the road for every little occasion.

At the risk of sounding like a purist:
  • Fireworks = 4th of July
  • Pumpkins = Halloween
  • Evergreen tress = Christmas
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Umm..Deb, would it be ok if I made pumpkin soup in June, July or August? That's when I get winter. I promise not to carve any faces into them.

But on a serious note....fireworks get sold on the side of the road???
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Organized displays only, as far as I'm concerned. It's too difficult to know where to draw the line otherwise, and too easy for them to be used irresponsibly -- never mind the freak-out potential for kitties. I love to watch fireworks displays, but I hate to see them being used by people who know how to light a match, but not much more.
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I voted for "not restricted at all", because I believe it is more important what you sell than who you sell it to.

The restrictions should be on what kinds of fireworks are allowed to be sold.
So, if the seller sells illegal stuff, you can fine him and take away his stock.
I find that far more effective than fining him because he neglected to check the age of, maybe, one buyer out of a 1000.
Besides, no matter what age restriction you set, there will always be people willing to buy the stuff for someone else.

Personally I don't like fireworks at all, but unfortunately that is not not enough reason for the authorities to ban the stuff completely
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We have always bought fireworks for the 4th. I love to light good fireworks not the little stuff. Alas, I won't put Bentley through that so since he came into our lives we have stopped this. He gets skittish enough with all the other people setting off fireworks and doesn't need them right outside our house. He does seem to like watching them but if he can't see them he gets a little antsy.
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I wish we had the same system you have in Australia!

This year dozens of people ended up in the emergency room- lots of eye injuries. And the worst part is, they're not happening to the people setting the things off, but to innocent bystanders! On the news there was this little girl of about 10 that got her glasses broken and the little bits of glass in her eye. I just don't understand why everyone keeps letting these things happen, if only professionals (or people with permits anyway) were allowed to set off fireworks, there wouldn't be so many people hurt each year.
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I think that if people are responsible with them, there shouldn't be a problem with private use.

The trouble is, so many people are not responsible with them. Brush fires, house fires, injuries, etc. happen every year.

Plus, now we have neighbors that shoot them off in town, which is already illegal - you have to go outside the city limits to designated areas with fire control. These new neighbors started setting off the fireworks on Christmas night, and are still setting them off every night. That really makes things difficult for pet owners - we had to pay to board ALL our animals ($85/day) just to go out of town for 3 days b/c of these idiots. Normally we could hire a petsitter ($30/day), but we were afraid to have the dogs out in the yard at all if we weren't home. If they would just stick to known fireworks days, it wouldn't be so bad.

I think our local laws are adequate, it's just that no-one respects them. The neighbors run out & set a few off every now & then, so the police can't catch them.
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