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Double posts?

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Yesterday and today I've had a problem when attaching an image - my post turns up twice. I've tried deleting the "copy", but then I get "Website not responding". Any ideas?
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I had the same problem as well.
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I'm not aware of any problems, but I'll let Anne know. Thanks for letting us know.
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Can you please let me know what time of day that was (and where you live so I can correlate the two ) The only thing I can think of is that maybe you were posting at the time that the server was busy doing the daily backup. That usually slows the site for a few minutes. We have it done when it's night time in the US (and so fewer members are online).
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Hi Anne!

The time and date I had the double post was:

12-30-2003 12:20 AM (wow, didnt realise i posted that late
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Thanks! Sounds like backup time to me
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So that's why the site slows down....thanks Anne.

It sure clears things up for me.
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I had the same problem-had to delete the 'second' one.
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