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Sooo Pretty!

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Well, Craig and I went on our hike. It was an 8 mile hike.. very tiring... but definitely worth it. We went about 5 miles through Devil's Gulch to reach Barnabe's Peak.. and then took a 3 mile hike back down.

The very first thing we saw on the hike was a HUGE (200 ft or more) redwood tree. The bottom of this tree was hollow so we were able to walk inside the tree and stand in it. It was amazing.

Along the hike up.. it was very shady as there was so many trees around.. it was a pretty dense forest. We came along a waterfall called "Stair Step Falls" it was pretty lovely.. but there wasn't too much water because it was so dry out there

After walking about 3 more miles and seeing some spectacular trees and peeks at some lovely flowers.. we continued up the final part of the trail.. towards the peak. Once we got to the top there was a big meadow and a breathtaking view. We decided to sit there and have lunch. Since there were no trees around this meadow we got a bit sunburnt... but not too bad.

The hike down was much shorter than the hike up... which means it was quite steep. Our knees were killing us from the hike down but that was the only real bad thing about the entire hike. 8 miles WOW! Never would have thought I could survive something like that. My body is definitely making me pay for it now though :tounge2:

I was gonna get pictures but the battery on our digital camera is dead and so I couldn't We plan on going back sometime soon though and I will get pictures then.

All in all, we had a lovely time and it was so wonderful to get out of the city and get a breath of fresh air... not to mention the peacefulness of it all with no traffic.. or people. The only noise we heard was wildlife. It was wonderful.
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Sounds like a perfect day!
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