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cats & computers

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OK, these aren't very good, but I thought they were cute. Felixia happened to be sitting on my lap & I noticed the wallpaper. I have one for Mr. too - they often fight over my lap when I'm on the computer. Mr. lays his head on my hands as I'm trying to type, and stretches his paws out on the keyboard.


Mr. Underfoot:
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That is cute. Em likes to be on my lap or near me when I'm on my computer. I had to clear a place for him next to the monitor or he was laying across the keyboard...and if he doesn't do that he sits on the mouse. Best to clear a spot for him.
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They always manage to get what they want, somehow.
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Mr. Underfoot is a very studious kitty in the second picture.... Felixia is a doppelganger to my half-kid Tiger. It is uncanny that they look just alike.
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I hope you sent even one of those to Anne for Caption This! LOL
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Those are adorable pictures.
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OMG how cute is that

I agree with M.A. , you need to send one of the pics to caption this . Please let it be the 2nd one , that is so great
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Is that one cat ? they look the same.
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Originally posted by oava
Is that one cat ? they look the same.
Definitely not.

Awww, Tess!! They are soooo cute, and right next to their wallpaper! Pixie has an adorable black patch under her chin just like Mr.
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Here's a Carmella at the PC picture! I love that little tounge that is always sticking out.
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And here's Peaches on top of thecatsite!
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Thanks! I might send them both & let Anne pick.

ooava, they do look alike, but they're different cats. I have four black & white Tuxedo cats, that each look a little different, but from some angles they can be tough to tell apart.

I love Carmella & Peaches, they're too cute.
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties

I love Carmella & Peaches, they're too cute.
Thanks! Peaches looks a little haggard there. But I thought it was a cute picture. A good advertisement for thecatsite!

Boy you can really tell the difference in the Carmella pic versus the Peaches pic. Carmella's is from my digital camera and Peaches is from a 35mm film camera. I always thought my 35mm took pretty good pictures but I've changed my mind!
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Awww! What cute cats! I love it when their tongues stick out! You must have to keep from grabbing her and kissing her all the time!

Here's Cupid sending a PM here. For real!

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Those are all great shots I agree that Mr. Underfoot and Felixia should be sent in for the caption this contest
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Great pix! I just love to see all these cat pictures. Bentley will look at the monitor from time to time but it doesn't seem to hold much interest for him. What he's been doing lately is getting on my keyboard drawer and head butting me. Oh, he's also sleeping between my legs all curled up. Doing the upside down head thing lol he is too cute.
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I love that picture of cupid.. Is it sent... YET? He's such a doll.

I love all the other kitties as well!
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Most of all, I love Cupid's Sweater!!!!! So cute! I'll have to get a picture of Aiko .. she loves to chase the mouse on my laptop!
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Things are getting a little crowded on the lap front.

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LOL Tess! Love those last two pictures!
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aww... Very studious kitties!!
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Oh...i love black and white kitties
Your cat reminds me of BOB with a tail LOL
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties

Oh. I love this one. He's looking back at you like he saying 'Mommy help'
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My cat has the exact same hair ...with the random white hairs all through his black this some sort of breeds trait...he is a manx mix<bob>...Thanx Lorien
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