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Has Anyone Had The Flu?

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I have been sick since Christmas Eve and can't seem to shake this thing. I'm on a VERY strong antibiotic and decongestant and still can't get rid of this. Thank goodness I've been off work, but what a way to spend your vacation! Yesterday was the first day I could even think about turning on the computer! It's a good thing my hubby hasn't come down with it since he's been the one caring for the feral colonies!
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I think I am trying to fight it off. I have the sinus part (not fun before an international flight on Sunday). As soon as it started I went to get the antibiotics. I can feel it trying to get to my lungs but so far the meds have helped. I hope I don't get it full blown before my trip to Mexico.
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Tybalt had it real bad earlier this month. I thought I was catching it, but it turns out that what was happening was that my high blood pressure medicine wasn't working well enough, my BP was way too high. I think I would rather it have been the flu! I'm on new meds now and it seems to be ok.
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I had it form nov 14th to dec 17th. I had to take 2 different meds the first did'nt work. had the flu the first week then it went to my lungs and a cough like [hold on to a table ] it was nasty ,It turned into Broncitius and a viril infection. When that went away for about a week, They discovered Ihave Asthma, Yea!! it's been one hell of a ride. So now I am on a inhaler. Seems to be working. I do feel alot better. Now I discoverd candles bother me, which I love to burn and cold air. Now it is a new journey for 2004
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I'm in the midst of a cold right now, but it's all in the chest with a bit of a sore throat. I am hoping that is as far as it goes.

HouseofCats, feel better soon. I have missed you over in Caption This!
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I had a mild case of the flu the about a week and a half before Christmas and Christmas was the first day that I felt better, thank goodness! What a case I was, trying to cash out customers at WalMart and trying to not cough on them. I know my flu could have been a lot worse, but I kept it under control by not overstressing myself, drinking lots of thera-flu, using vicks ointment rub, vicks liquid gels, night and day, and sipping chicken soup (mrs. glass kind) and sleeping whenever possible. Hope you all feel better, and the people who haven't received the bug yet, KEEP IT AWAY from YOU!
P.S. The only good of the flu was, it kept away my appetite for 3 days, where I only ate soup and cannned mandarin oranges so I lost roughly 3 or 4 pounds, LOL< the bad way to lose weight!
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Had it in mid-November, and was sick for about 2 weeks (including the entire 10 days of the first vacation I've had in 2 years)

I got some prescription-strength cough medicine from the doctor, and my husband did all of the driving. We also delayed the trip for a few days to wait until I was no longer contagious. I don't think I would have made it without the cough medicine.

Just a side note, but the flu is a virus...antibiotics will not help with the flu at all. They will only kill a bacterial infection, such as a sinus infection or bronchitis or pneumonia resulting from the flu.

A good cough medicine (rx if necessary, so you can sleep & your immune system can regroup), decongestants, expectorants, and lots of fluids - especially chicken soup - are the best thing. If you get really uncomfortable, you might find it helpful to put your head over a pot of hot steaming water with a towel to keep the steam in, or to sit in a steaming shower for a while. A few drops of eucalyptus oil or Vick's rub in the water is nice, too.
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I have a cold but no flu. All 3 of us got the Flu shot
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I caught a bad cold (standing in an icy creek with racer all the time did me in) but I kicked it with Elderberry Syrup, and my daily dose of GSE. I highly recommend that Elderberry Syrup, I have never found anything stronger to cut through congestion.
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Not me neeneeneer of course you realize by tomorrow I'll be slammed with something and confined to bed for the next 3 weeks lol
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I had something that knocked me down for about 4 days. it was horrible but Brad bought me Thera flu and it kicked it in two days!
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So far, so good - my boss always requests that all teachers get a flu shot every year, and it usually does the trick. This year it's not supposed to be much more than 60 - 80% effective (depending on the source), but even a mild case is better than full-blown flu. I know a lot of people are against flu shots, but if you have a lot of contact with kids and/or senior citizens, do it for their sake.
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Originally posted by Cabbie
Not me neeneeneer of course you realize by tomorrow I'll be slammed with something and confined to bed for the next 3 weeks lol
I'm with Cabbie. Haven't had the flu, since New Year's Eve 1972 and haven't gotten a flu shot, since 1969.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a mild cold and lost one day of work. It took a while to shake the cough - I have GOT to quit smoking! I haven't even had my annual case of bronchitis, since 1986. That was usually good for 10-15 lbs of weight loss.
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Carol is full of it at the moment - I am taking echinacea like they are going out of fashion. I figure I will get it as sleeping next to her will mean it in due course and I turn into the worlds largest baby when I get it.
Am told - children get colds - men get flu and women get on with it!
I will get raging beubonic flu when I get it!!
Hope you all get well soon - sending some get well vibes to you all and heres to a better 2004 sneeze free and flu free for me.
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yep i have had it,now my son has it
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I was curious if the flu epedimic was as bad as it's being reported! I got the antibiotics cause it turned into a major sinus infection, and then a congestion medication.

Hissy, what's elderberry syrup and where do you get it? Health food store?

Thanks Deb25 for missing me!!!
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It is a syrup developed in Israel and you can get it at any good health food store. It tastes really good too!
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I got it the day after I was released from the hospital but since I went to go see my Dr. the day after that he put me on Tamiflu. It's good stuff!

Hope you start to feel better soon House of cats!!!
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