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Potty train cats!

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Well, folks, here's the article we've all been waiting for:
http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/ptech/1....ap/index.html What do you think are its chances of success?
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Jeepers spends too much time in the bathroom as it is, but it sounds like a good idea..... if it works!
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I heard that you just cover one of your seats completely with seran wrap or something that will hold a cat up, and put litter on top. You teach your cat to go up there. Then eventually you make a little hole in the middle and gradually make the hole bigger and bigger. Soon you should be able completely remove all the litter and have the hole as big as the toilet seat. Eventually the cat just uses the toilet with the normal seat. You would have to have two bathrooms obviously and dedicate one to the cat for a short time during training of course. I've never tried this, but it is a cute idea.
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I had a female tortie (feral) train herself to use the toilet. I have no clue why she chose to do it.....late at night one night I heard the distinct sound of liquid hitting the toilet bowl. I thought it was my husband, but reached over and found him sound asleep next to me. I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom, only to find her running out of the bathroom. This was repeated for a long time, but only in the middle of the night. She eventually quit doing it.

I personally wouldn't want to do this, as they could 1) fall in, 2) leave dirty paw marks on the toilet seat, 3) leave wet foot prints on the toilet seat, 4) leave unflushed items in the toilet and 5) disturb guests that we have over. I've heard of folks training their cat to flush the toilet, but that becomes a game to them and the water bill became tremendous (they flush it all the time).
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My sister's cat used to flush the toilet all the time just for fun.
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