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Cayton bites my nose every morning

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What does it mean when your cat bites your nose every morning? He does this repeatedly and bites my lips also..He is not being agressive or anything..He will also only do it to me, not his Dad who is right next to me..Any feedback would be appreciated. Jimmy is now getting jealous when Cayton starts to bite me..Men!!
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These are love bites, though you should stop them now before they start getting more intense. One way is to add lemon juice to your hand lotion and put some on your face so that the smell will keep him away.
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Aaaaw! That's cute, but Hissy's right, if you don't make him stop now, he'll just get bigger and the bites will get harder. My Simon will occasionally nibble on you if he's really enjoying being petted. He's also learned that a small nibble to your exposed calf when you are sleeping will get you out of bed!
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Buddy also like to bite the nose . As kitten it is cute , but Buddy is a grown cat now and it is not so cute any more . I try not to let him have my nose any more . My husband was bleeding one time , not badly but still a little blood . So now we all know , not to let him go to the nose to cloth any more .And he only does that when excited and happy
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For the first few strong love bites I got, I said "Ow!" and "No" and Penny's ears would go back and her face practically said "Alright, sorry"

I figured she was excited and didn't realize what she was doing .....

By me being consistent with my verbal reaction, she got the message and now her love bites are extremely gentle, and to those I say nothing, I just continue petting

Consistency did the trick for me.

Hey, have a HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR FILLED W/ LOVE EVERYBODY - I really enjoy this website!
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That is so cute, your kitty is saying good morning.
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The Sammycat knows that is the way for him to get his breakfast sooner

He has seen Ken touch me on my nose to wake me up since he was a little baby so he knows that he can wake me up that way instead of walking on me or meowing in my ear which I don't hear anyway He never hurts me, most of the time he really doesn't bite just touches my nose and I will instantly wake up. It is nice to have kitty kisses in the mornings except on the weekends because I never, ever get to sleep late
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