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Please help with my cats aggressive behavior!

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Hello I need someone's help and advice regarding my 6 year old cat named Josie. I am very concerned about my cats behavior,which is extremely negative when we have visitors in our home. Josie will growl, hiss and sometimes she even looks like she is getting ready to pounce on our vistors! Often she will run away and hide but, sometimes she doesnt and this makes our vistitors uncomfortable. Because of this I will then have to pick her up and put her in a closed room, of course she hisses and cries and I feel awful.Our younger cat Tangie is fine with other people and she seems to enjoy large groups of people. We often put Josie in a closed room before company arrives in hopes that that will solve the problem, but she often cries when she is locked in the room and again I feel terrible about this! It is as if Josie has a split personality because when there is no company around Josie is the most cuddly, loving cat you could ever imagine. She purrs and is very content to sit on mine or my mothers lap. I guess I would like to know if there is anything I can do to help Josie? I feel like Im giving her mixed messages. I want her to feel comfortable in her own home but, I also want friends and family to feel comfrotable. Please Help!!!
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Have you ever try feliway ? Here is a link you may want to check out . http://www.petguys.com/cat-stuff-training.html

I have it and it has help me in a lot of ways .I don't know if it help your cat , but maybe she is more calm if you had that .
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When you put her in the room make sure there is classical music playing softly, a cat condo in there, some toys, her litter pan and food and water at an acceptable distance and dim the lights.
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My cat Cosmo will do this sometimes,Your cat might smell another pet on them or he just might not care for the visitor. I don't make Cosmo or Newman like that person, I Will put them in my bedroom with the tv on. So they will be comfortable and the guest will be too!
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I used to have that problem with Shalimar I used to put food, water and litter in my room and turn either the radio or tv on with no lights. The dim lights helped to calm her as did the radio/tv. Once she was in there for a while she would quiet down. When I let her out I would give her some extra lovin.
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