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Blocked cat with no crystals

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So Simon came home from the vet today! Yay!!! I'm so happy, even though part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. They told me that reblocking is a possibility.

Here's the weird part. They said Simon's urine was "perfect" He had NO crystals! The doctor told me some cats can block without crystals. Doesn't it figure that I'd get one of those? Hopefully, that just means that he won't get blocked again.

With all the medicine they have him on, I would hope not. Clavamox, phenoxybenzamine, an antihistamine (he still has a cold) and laxatone. I feel like a pharmacy! I just hope the worst is behind us.
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Actually, the phenoxybenzamine your vet probably prescribed to relax smooth muscle in the bladder, allowing for easier passage of urine and any minute crystals that may have been missed or undetected. The causes of blockages unrelated to crystals are usually inflammation such as an inflammed bladder, bladder wall thickening, or scar tissue caused by a previous injury or blockage..................Traci
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Thanks Traci! I appreciate the info. The doctor did say that it could be caused by inflamation. He said that because there were not crystals, he doesn't really need to be on special urinary tract food. Would you agree with that?
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I would agree, to an extent. Since there was a cause for initial concern, you would benefit with a followup urinalyis to keep abreast of any potential developing problems. Since no crystals were found at this time, doesn't necessarily mean they won't occur later. However, if your vet truly suspects inflammation only, I would just keep a very close eye on Simon, and be especially keen to any sudden behavioral changes, litterbox aversion, watch his water consumption for any signs of increased drinking, and try to watch the urine for any signs of blood (in which case, see your vet immediately). At this point, your vet may have requested a followup urinalysis after the course of antibiotics are up, this would be a good time for a recheck.

Not to worry you, but on the offchance this becomes problematic in the near future, you might benefit from a contrast cystography or ultrasound to determine what is causing the inflammation. Keep in touch with your vet and just keep an eye on Simon's habits alittle more than you normally would..........................Traci
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Thanks again! You are absolutely right. The emergency vet recommended that once he finishes all his meds that my regular vet test his urine again to be sure that there are no crystals. Until then, he told me to let him eat what he wants because eating is what's important.

Believe me, I'll be watching him like a hawk and if he blocks again (please let that NOT happen) I'll be sure to request that they do more tests to pinpoint the problem.

Thank you so much for all your knowledge. I appreciate it.
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