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Kitten who wheezes when she purrs

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I have a 5 month old kitten who came home from the shelter sneezing a lot. The vet said she had picked up a bug from the shelter and that she would get over it. She did, she only seems to sneeze on occasion now. But we noticed this past weekend that when she purrs, sometimes her breathing is quite labored -- her whole body seems to move w/the breath. She purrs very loudly, and more than other cats I have had. But as I said, sometimes it seems labored, and it sometimes comes w/little squeaks. And at other times, her breathing is very fast. We took her to the vet, and he said her heart and lungs sounded fine and clear, and she didn't make any of the noises while we had her there. So we don't know if she just has a noisy, squeaky purr, or if there's something wrong. I have asthma myself, and don't think that's what she has, as it doesn't seem like an "attack". Any ideas???? :-)

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I once knew a Kitten who had a Broken purrer. and she kinda sounded like she sneezed when she would purr. but I dunno!!
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Hmmm... very hard to tell as we can't hear what it actually sounds like. Then again, if you could tape it, you would probably let the vet hear it first.

Different cats can make different kinds of purrs, some of them I've known to sound quite wheezy and out of breath. However, as she has a history or upper respiratory infections, I would be concerend as well. As the vet said her heart and lungs sound ok - I would leave it for the time being and just keep an eye on her. If you see any change for the worse, maybe have her checked again. Alternatively, you can go to another vet for a second opinion. That wouldn't hurt (except maybe in your pocket ).
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I go with what Anne says here...makes sense
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Not too long after I got Dori I noticed she was wheezing when she purred. I was taking her in to get her kitten shots and asked the vet to check it out. He said she had an upper respitory infection and gave me some antibiotics for her. I think I had to give it to her twice a day for 7 days. She never showed any other signs of being sick, exceot the wheezing. After the medication she was all better.
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If you really worry about your kitty , you always can get a 2nd opinion . I personaly had never a cat that made a sounds like that . But a lady I know has a cat and make all kind of diferend sounds , debending on how you pet her . She is really cute . But there was no hard breathing at all .
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