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New Feral Kitten... HELP!!!

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I have many feral cats. I feed them, provide them with shelter and warmth. Every night, Boots and Patches would come up to eat at around the same time. I looked out the window and saw a tiny little Calico kitten. I named her Lilly because she reminds me of a beautiful flower. Anyway, she is around 3-4 months old, is a Munchkin (short legged) and has a 3/4 tail! She is so different looking.

I have been feeding her in the same spot for a couple of weeks now, she comes to eat at around 3:00 in the morning. I made her a bed out of a box. I filled it with blankets, taped all of the corners, put a top on it and wrapped the whole thing in another blanket. She has water and food right near her bed.

She sleeps in her bed almost every night, what I need to know is, can I catch her when she's in the box or is there a better way to do it? I feel terrible for the poor little thing. Stuck out in -2 and snowing. I wanted to rent a trap,but if it's even one day late, you get a HUGE fine!

Please give me some advice, I'm hoping to catch the little angel tonight!

Here is Lilly
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Oh! She is adorable!!!! If she sleeps in her bed everynight and you can approach her it would be easy to catch her that way, but if you mess up and she gets away it is going to take alot for her to trust you again. With ashton, we just picked him up and put him in a large crate and then brought him inside. with lilly we had to use a trap. Granet and marble, rich grap and but in a box (granet bit him!)

Good luck catching her!
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OMG what a beauty . I hope you catch her and nothing will go wrong . Please let us know how it went ,good luck catching her .
I will pray now that you are able to catch her
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She was just eating! This is the first time she has been on the sundeck this early! She was with Patches (believed to be her mother), they were eating together. Lilly is very timid, as soon as I turn the doorknob, she runs away. She usually goes into the shed and cries, when I go into the shed, she stops!

Is there any homemade trap ideas out there? I really don't want to use my hands to catch her. I'm afraid I will scare the poor little thing. What if I put a stick under a box, tie a string to the stick and pull the string to catch her? Has anyone ever used this trap and were they succesful?

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I know Hissy would maybe know , maybe you want to pm her and ask . She will gladly help you .
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Alley Cat Allies has this info on making a drop trap: http://www.alleycat.org/pdf/droptrap.pdf

Good luck!
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Lilly was back! I saw tiny paw prints in the snow. She didn't eat again, so I'll hold off catching her until later today!
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