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I'm speechless. Why didn't your neighbor mention the alarm when you called, and how could anyone with kids and pets be so irresponsible? My niece has been working as a petsitter (dogs, cats, horses) for a number of years, to finance her way through college. She checks on the animals at least twice a day, and in some cases sleeps over. We've left JC twice, and paid a friend's daughter to come and feed him, clean the litterbox, and stay with him for an hour or so every day. In addition, my mother-in-law came over every morning and evening to check on him and give him attention. I simply can't believe somebody would leave the cats for six days without checking on them! I probably would never speak to the woman again.
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That is awful
I know I would be in jail now cuz I would have went over there after getting my cat seen about and left in a sherriff's car

How stupid can people be? There are only 3 people that I trust to keep my boys when I go out of town, my brother, my sister and my Dad rest his soul he can't watch them any more I always would come home and the boys have gained weight from too many treats but that's okay I can live with that.

I am so sorry that your baby and you have to go through this because of the ignorance of another. I hope that your baby continues to improve. I am praying for you and for Simba
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Simba started to eat on his own late Wednesday night. We were so relieved. He even drank a bit out of a bowl. At least we don't have to force feed him anymore. He hated that and probably figured, if this is what you are going to keep doing to me I might as well eat. At first he had to be encouraged a lot to eat. I put food on his paw so he would lick it off we had to keep petting him to re-assure him. This morning I opened up a small can of soft food and he came right over on his own and ate half a can. Then I put him in the tub with the tap running a bit and he had a nice long drink of water. He has even started to go down to the basement on his own to use the litter. For the first few days we were keeping a litter box right next to him. He is still a bit weak and has lost quite a bit of muscle mass, but he has been improving each day.
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I'm so glad he is eating on his own!!! Sounds like he will recover, couldn't have better news to start the new year.
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and it really sucks that your neighbors cannot be trusted. I am a pet-sitter and my clients hire me because they know I love animals and do this for a business. They know that this is my specialty and even though they have nice neighbors (many with pets) they are NOT pet-sitters and my clients don't want to impose on them.

I have heard so many horror stories of people relying on neighbors to check in on their pets (to save money I guess) and then end up paying big $$$ in vet bills after finding out their neighbors didn't really care to check in on the animals.

If I have to go away myself, I will have a recommended pet-sitter come in (probably a competitor) or board them at a good reputable facility.

SO SORRY this all had to happen to your kitties.
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I've never heard of any pet sitting business here. If I would have been thinking I would have asked my babysitter to watch my kitties for me. She only lives half a block away from us. I know she is reliable, gosh, she has only been watching my kids for me for two years! We are so mad that we didn't think to ask her first. I'm sure she would have been over twice a day with her son to pet and check up on the cats. Hind sight is 20/20! We used to ask my Aunt to do it but her husband has become quite ill recently and can hardly walk anymore without falling down. My uncle was usually the one to come over and check the cats and the house. He thinks he can still do stuff on his own and I didn't want him coming over and killing himself in my house trying to check on things for us so I didn't even want to mention it to them this time.
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Still give your neighbor the vet bill. The being scared of the alarm is a pitiful excuse. She risks a life because she's too chickens**t to brave a house alarm? Excuse me? If she's that scared she should be kept in an institution.
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I read this thread with interest. I think Hissy pointed out that any time a cat goes without food for 24 hours or more is a dangerous situation. Your cat's symptoms describe Fatty Liver Disease (Hepatic Lipidosis.) A feline metabolism that goes that long without nutrition starts to consume its own fat cells. These fat cells build up in the liver and in no time at all, the liver becomes "clogged" with fat cells and starts to shut down. I don't read where you mentioned any test results other than x-rays. Did your vet do bloodwork? If not, perhaps you should considering having that done. A cat with liver trouble will have elevated liver enzymes. I am not at all surprised that your older cat suffered when the younger one didn't. Is the older cat overweight? FLD tends to strike older, obese cats. (There are more fat cells to consume.)

It is a very good thing that he's eating and drinking again. I urge you to pay strict attention to his eating habits. If the cat did suffer a bout with FLD, it can relapse.

I might suggest too, that you can keep a keen eye upon the coloring of the insides of his ears, the white of his eyes, and also the palate. If any of these areas seem especially pale, or yellowed, please take him to the vet asap. These are both signs of liver disease.
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Yep- I agree with the above post. Check for blotchy gums, and if the cat becomes lethargic in any way get Simba to the vet quickly! I am glad Simba is eating on his own now. He more than likely could not smell the food therefore would not eat it. Your neighbor may be "sorry" but she also should be ashamed! I would be so furious with her, I would be in jail by now I believe for what I would do, which would be to slap her hard once across her face for being so careless.
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I am sorry to hear about your kitty. Its great that he seems to be getting better now.
When I go out of town I leave at least 3 giant bowls of water and food out for the cats. Also, I ask a friend to check on them. That way, in case the friend has an emergency and cannot get to the house, the cats will always have enough and water to last them at least a week if not more. You never know what may happen to your friend or yourself in your absence.
Ususally I take a giant bag of cat food and cut open the top of it and make a "kitty trough" out of it. I take baking pans and large mixing bowls and pots and fill them up with water to make sure there is enough to go around.
I do not leave the toilet seats open. I have this fear that my kitties will go to drink out of the bowl and slip head first into the bowl and get stuck and drown. I have never heard of this happening, but I am paranoid about it.
Good luck nursing your kitty back to health. Sending good vibes your way!
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I will say a prayer for your kitty to get well and stay well
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Firstly, my hat goes off to you. I would not have been able to restrain myself and I would have marched over to next door and given the woman a piece of my mind and be informing her that the next person she speaks to will be someone from the police. I wouldn't hesitate in filing for animal cruelty.

I would also get her to pay for the vet bill. It was her responsibility to look after Simba and Sabrina while you were on holiday.

So what if she teared up while your husband spoke to her. That just shows that she knows she's responsible for this. At the end of the day, this fact doesn't change.

I do hope Simba is continuing to recover.
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