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Daily Thread for Tuesday

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Well, my recaulking project was a HUGE success! Although, I will say that the recaulking part beats the heck out of the decaulking part.

Today's projects are to change the oil on the truck, work out, pay bills (ugh), get nails done, go to WW, and shop for what are now my New Year's Eve plans.

A group of us have decided to get together and make a big holiday dinner - both a turkey breast and a roast. Then I believe it will be some socializing and game playing. I am looking forward to it.

I must say that I will go back to work on January 5th with a feeling of accomplishment, rather than thinking I just wasted 2 weeks off. Before the bathtub project, I spent 2 days doing MAJOR cleanout around the house, including every cabinet and closet.
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Can you come to my house? I can't imagine going through the whole house! It would take me forever.

Today is clipping by. Just the kind of day I like. I'm supposed to get a call from the furnace man today. I will have to leave work and drive home (15 miles) to meet him, so he can replace the blower fan in my furnace. It has been quite noisy these last few days. Max is getting used to it (I think). It wakes me up everytime the heat comes on.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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You recaulked your bathtub and you still have nails left?

It is still snowing here and all the critters have been fed. Cyclone slept on the chair outside all night, guess his big feral heart had enough snow for the time being! It was a big surprise to see him all curled up when I went to feed this morning. He is usually our night stalker. Had a beautiful bird on one of the pine trees this morning. I need to get my bird book out to identify it, but I have never seen it before. Bright orange breast with red dots, a crest of green on it's head and about the size of a blue jay. I am curious what type of bird it is.

Racer is having one of his bad days, I think it has to do with how cold it is. Like arthritis victims suffer in the cold, I believe he is suffering in a similiar fashion. But he is not as bad as he was in the early days of this condition.

Hope everyone is having and will have a good day- I'm headed for a cup of coffee
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Originally posted by Nora

Can you come to my house? I can't imagine going through the whole house! It would take me forever.
We aren't talking about a mansion here....2 bedrooms, 1 bath. The main motivators were: cat hair and the fact that my clothes and shoes literally had to make an appointment to get a spot in the closet. I had 2 GIGANTIC bags of clothes and shoes that got dumped into one of those 'needy bins' at Wal-Mart. It was one of those 'no mercy' cleanouts. Being in Florida with no basement to accumulate stuff forces you to disregard any packrat tendencies you have. And my house, being 25+ years old, has very few and very teeny closets.
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Today I'm off to work at 2 (to 11) then after I come home, I need to clean the kitchen, and do laundry. then tomorrow I will have nothing to do because the house is clean!!!!! Happy birthday to me!!!!!!! I DO love a clean house and like Deb, I need to clean out my closets once again. I have only two closets and they tend to get filled WAY to quickly! the main one we use is so fill that I'm afraid that the bar holding all the hangers is going to break from all the stress! LOL!
I have a really bad habit of buying to many clothes, mostly on impulse, and then finding them months later and wondering where they came from. SO new clothes as well as older ones go to the Benevelonent(sp) Society here. it's like a place where lower income people can go once a month and get clothes, belts, shoes things like that for free. I won't take anything to the Salvation Army cause they charge for clothes you donate to them, that to me is silly.
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Originally posted by jugen
I won't take anything to the Salvation Army cause they charge for clothes you donate to them, that to me is silly.
Once again, since when did the needy get so picky???

I have had furniture declined by Goodwill and Salvation Army. Now they are charging for you to give them clothes? I'm glad I just dumped mine in the bin. I don't think I could take the rejection of finding out that my old clothes perhaps weren't trendy enough for the needy.

And jugen, I know what you mean about the clothes bar in the closet. I keep praying that mine won't just tear out of the wall. I really, really would like to do up those Closet Maid organizer things for my closets. The one bar straight across with single rack just isn't cutting it in my house.
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Long time no DT everyone! I have missed you! Hope everything is going well. We had an ok Christmas. MIL was out of the hospital for it, but was rushed back on Dec 26. Been Busy at work doing a hiring. Have a bunch of new people starting (and reporting to me) as of Jan 5th. They will have to do without me as Sunday we leave for Mexico (maybe - depending on MIL health). Sugie went wonky again this morning. Peed and pooped on the bed. We have increase her meds and have isolated her for the time being from the other kitties.

Sorry if I have been missing important things with peoples' lives but I have been exceedingly busy! My New Year's resolution is to post more often! I miss everyone when I am not getting my daily tcs fix!
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Work wasn't too bad - the system only went down three times. One of my customers started out, breathing fire and, by the time the call was finished, she was getting the address and the exact spelling of my name, to write a letter of commendation. THAT will look good, when my raise is due in April!

Bill had a rough day. Somebody else screwed up a piece of machinery and tried to dump the blame off on him. Its a wonder, that he doesn't go postal, down there. Last week, my brother trashed a $2500 cylinder head and Bill had to fix it. Maybe, we'll win the $210 mill. Powerball and he can retire!

Sometimes, I feel a bit guilty that my job is going so well, when his sucks. At his age, though, finding another job is pretty tough. Hopefully, he can stick out, three more years and retire to a part-time job. Its ridiculous that, with his years of experience and skill, I'm taking home more money, in an essentially unskilled job.
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Barb, I can't believe Salvation Army charges you to make a clothing donation now! That's outrageous!

This week I have been going to orientation for my new job.It's been two long days of sexual harrassment training, safety training, tours, immunizations, TB tests and lots more information! Tomorrow is my last day of orientation and is a half day. Thank God! I start in the Lab on Monday.
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I had a nice day. Had to run some errands and traffic was so much, so everything took so long time.
My s/o gave a beautyful rose, just because, I love it when he does that.
A friend of mine, who lives abroad while studying, but is home for Christmas, came for a visit in the evening. I had made eggnog yesterday, so we had some, I think she didn´t like it, but I really do... We had a lot to catch up, talking was never a problem with us

And about the clothes....I wish I had a walk in closed! And a big storage room! We have one closed (three doors, hangers in two doors and shelfs in one), for all our clothes, and outside clothes. There is just place in the hallway for a couple of outside clothes, the rest has to be kept in the bedroom closet. And another thing, the closed is full of clothes we don´t use, since we seem be growing to fast I dont want to give them away, because I really like them, and I plan to shrink into them, someday

And the Salvation Army to charge for clothes that people give - that is really silly!

When I give clothes to charity, its mostly when I spend time in my parents attick, there are every clothes I have ever had, and my whole family, so they are very outdated and I give them to the Red Cross for abroad help, since people in Africa wont mindm, but people here wouldn´t buy them.
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