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I set up a catcam!

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Hi everybody,
I haven't been writing here for a very long time... now forgive me if I only come out to send you an URL. I just got a little webcam and since there are 5 cats around my house I thought there would be good chances to have them online. I don't know yet if this thing is working fine, it's video streaming so I'm afraid it will be quite slow to display... anyway this is the URL:


Oh no, Lucia just went away from the camera. Mmmm, gotta find some other cat...
+ Francis, Lucia, Violetta, Greta&Ginevra
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OMG how cute is that . I don't know if it is a she or a he , but your kitty is saying : go away from me go away lol .
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Cute! Kitty did a few cute little yawns and stretches, then came and looked right into the camera.
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Wow, so it works! Thank you guys!
You saw Lucia, the Persian. She's a little girl, all of my cats are female.

Hopefully I'll be able to set a fixed cam in some good place to spot them all.

Thank you again!
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Awwww....it looks like they were playing.

How cute. I want one (a webcam)

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That's pretty neat! I saw both Lucia and a black cat.
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If the black cat was slim, it was Greta. If it was fat, it was her sister Ginevra! :-)

Mmm... where could I put this thing? I don't want to be constantly chasing the cats around... I need a longer cable! ;-)
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Uh oh, looks like someone knocked a bag over!
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Thank your kitties for me, I spent an enjoyable bit of time while eating my lunch here at work and watching their antics. Whatever is under the wooden looking thing- they want to play with!
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Excellent - love the cat with the stripe up its nose and onto its forehead - very cute.
These web things become addictive - I have top watch the pandacam daily from SanDiego zoo to check on the baby panda's progress.
Best wishes
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I get a Java Class Not Found Exception...
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I saw this too late! Perhaps tomorrow morning. I'm all excited now.
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I have to check the pandacam too. I looove that thing.

This is great! I think I saw Ginevra! It was hard to see her b/c she didn't come far from the door there and she blended in.
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I went to your cam and it said, "We're all Sleeping" , LOL
But, that does give me an idea for my household. If I ever get a internet cam, maybe I can set it up like yours..hehehe.
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