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diet causing stress?

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I have one cat that is licking the fur off his legs and another cat that isn't using the litterbox. This sounds to me like there is some sort of stress in the household! A couple months ago, the vet recommended that I reduce (by about 10%) the amount of food the cats get. Do you think that could be causing the stress? Should I go back to the larger amount of food? I can't switch them to a diet food because one gets crystals in his urine and needs a special food.

Thanks everyone. I don't post often, but I love this site.

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Have you had the cat who isn't using the litterbox checked for urinary tract problems? Since you have a cat who is prone to crystals, this could be a sign that the crystals are starting to block again.

Please click here to read suggestions on how to stop inappropriate urination problems. But, please have your vet check the cats out first to make sure the problem is not medical.

The excessive licking may be due to skin problems or to neurosis. Again, your best bet is to have the vet check out the cat. One of my cats was doing this and it turned out to be due to mites! After six weeks of sulpher dips he was fine. Excessive licking can be due to mites, allergies, skin infections, dry skin, and many other things. However it can also be caused by stress. Only your vet can tell for sure.

Regarding the diet...yes, it can cause stress. Try giving more numerous small feedings. Also plant some cat grass for them. They can graze on the grass to their hearts' content withough putting on weight!
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