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Glad to hear all is well, I will keep Anne in my thoughts.
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Dearest Anne & Alpha :angel2:'s

You all are in my prayers. Please give us an update when you get a chance...I know I don't speak for myself when I say we are all very concerned.

Love &,
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Hey everybody!
Anne is still in bed.
She feels well (although from time to time she still bleeds a little ).

I and everybody else try to keep her company as much as possible, or at least guard her well so she want get up.

Please tell me if she breaks out of the custody and posts ... .
I extended the communication network in our house so it would reach the bedroom and (hopefully) I would be able to buy and bring a laptop to Anne right on this Monday.
If there would be no delays, she would be online from this Monday!

She is very happy that you care so much for her and she sends her love to all of you!

Thank you very much
Good bye to you all
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This is such good news - I am thankful that Anne is doing better and most of all relaxing and obeying the Doctor's orders!
Continued best wishes to you all .......
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You wouldn't believe that,
I just returned home after posting from Anne's office (a few hundreds yards away), and what did I found at home?

I found Anne sitting at the computer and reading your posts!
What a naughty girl!

She didn't want me to write that but I felt that it would be an appropriate response (and the traditional role of the media ).
She should be a shame.

(Well I am not really mad at her...just a little bit)
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Anne; Shame on you! Please wait until Monday when Alpha can see about getting you a laptop! We are glad you are feeling stronger, but you MUST follow doctor's orders. Love 'Ya and Miss 'Ya, TLK
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Go to your room! *stands with hands on hips* That's an order!

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Get back to bed, Anne! We miss you, but we don't want anything to happen to your baby. We're all right here. Please take care of yourself!
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Please stay in bed Anne, and Alpha your doing a great job looking after Anne, my mum also sends her best wishes!

love from Jenna,my mum and Felix
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Anne, I know it stinks to stay in bed all the time, and I would probably crawl to my computer if that was my only option. . .
Please listen to your doctor and Alpha, who sounds like a wonderful guy! Take care so you can come back and join us soon.
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Alpha, thanks for the update!!!

Anne, sit tight & you can visit with us on Monday, once you get your laptop.

So glad to hear that everyone is well
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You'd better get back to that bed, and I mean pronto! If any of us catches you posting, we will mutiny and take over the site. You will be busted right back to the rank of kitten and will need a note from your husband before you are allowed to post.

Now, go! I mean business!
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EEEK! Anne! Stay in bed lady!!!! You don't have too much longer.. Monday you can be back here chatting with us. I know bedrest must suck really bad.. but it really is for the best. for you and the baby! Get better and stay in bed!
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Deb25 - that is a good thought! No more left to say.......
I bet Anne feels like she has 1,000+ mommies all scolding her!
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Dear Anne & Alpha :angel2:

It's so good to see two people that love each other so much!!! You are both so blessed!

Love &,
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Dear Anne,

Get your pretty tush back to bed, and that's an order (from the bully according to Catarina). You need to take care of our niece/nephew. Monday is only 2 days away. Then you can post in the lap (no pun intended) of luxury on your new laptop.

We care and want you to listen to your doctor. Bad Anne, bad (*shaking pointed finger at you*). Now slink back to bed like a good little girl.

We love you!

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You have the rest of your life to be on the internet, just wait a few days for the sake of the little one.

You know what? I have a laptop and wireless internet access (Apple iBook with combo dvd / cdrw drive and an Airport card with DSL). That means I am laying on my back in bed typing this right now. I don't know what the situation is where you are, but once you try this, you'll never want to sit at your desk again!
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Dear Anne,
I am praying for your speedy recovery. Clarise and I feel we have found a new friend(you) on thw cat site,
Bunches of love
Kathy and her precious kitty Clarise from New Orleans
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(I beg forgiveness for going a little bit off the subject ) KittyFoot; That laptop sounds like "exactly" what I need to accompany me on the Wonder Bed! Are they "terribly expensive" ?

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Anne...you know we all love and worry about you so much!!! Please don't get online till the doctor says it is okay! And no sneaking!
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