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Anne has been hospitalized

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Hello everyone.
Last night (about 20h ago) Anne had severe bleeding. We went to the hospital, and Anne was hospitalized. She had Ultra Sound check, and we were happy to find that the baby is all right. She was ordered to stay in the hospital and was restricted to bed. The bleeding diminished greatly and fully stopped this after noon (about 5h ago). We hope that she will be released to rest at home tomorrow.

I have been with her most of the time so I didn't have the time to update you until now.
I understand that since there was no abortion until now, the chances are in favor of us.

Cross fingers!
Love, Alpha
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Prayers are being sent for all of you. Please give Anne my best and tell her that until all is ok, prayers will continue.

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I am so very sorry to hear the news that Anne is having more problems, but I am convinced that everything os going to work out OK!
My prayers are with you all and all my kitties send their meows to help you along! God bless and keep you all safe.
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Prayers and blessings and lighting a candle (being Catholic). Tell Anne not to worry about anything, just take care of herself and her baby. The rest of the world will wait.
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Anne and Alpha - I'm so sorry to hear that Anne is having problems again. You and your baby will be in my prayers. Tell Anne to rest and take is easy. Do not worry about anything here. We're all thinking of you.
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Oh no,I'm so sorry to hear that, I'll be thinking of you both.
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Alpha; Thank You for letting us know about Anne. I am so glad that the Utrasound was positive. We are praying for her quick recovery and for her to regain her strength. I know you will see to it that she follows the doctor's orders. It is hard to say "Don't worry" because I know you are concerned, but it is a very positive sign that the bleeding stopped so soon. I know you will keep us informed. God bless all three of you.

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Please pass along my very best wished for Anne for a speedy recovery and prayers that everything goes well.
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I'm sorry to hear that. I am glad that she and the baby are ok!
I will keep my fingers crossed that everything else goes very well and stressless!
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I'm so sorry to hear this. You two will be in my prayers. Give Anne a hug for me and wish her a speedy recovery.
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Alpha Cat,

Thank you for keeping us posted on Anne's condition. I will pray for all 3 of you! I'm glad to hear that baby is okay. Please give her my best.


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I am so sorry. I will also say a prayer for Anne and the baby.
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tell her to stay in bed until she is 100% sure that the danger has passed, even if it is the rest of the pregnancy. She is centered in our prayers here at the house, along with you and the baby.
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I am sorry to hear that

I wish her quick recovery & hope things will be better pretty soon.

:flower: :flower: :flower:
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I am sorry to hear that. Thoughts and prayers for all of you that everything will be fine.
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I, too, am keeping my fingers crossed that Anne and the baby will be ok. Keep her in bed!
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I can only echo what has already been said.
Am praying for the best for you, rest, stay relaxed, and have a beautiful, healthy baby.

My thoughts are with you,

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My thoughts and prayers are with all three of you, keep us informed.

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I am so sorry to hear about Anne, please tell her to take care and I hope she is better very soon:daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :flower: :flower: :flower:

love from jenna and my mum

We will be thinking of her
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sending love & prayers from Maryland!
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My prayers and thoughts are with you!!
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The three of you take care and I'll be praying!!!
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I too am thinking of you Anne.

:flower: :flower:
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Prayers will be coming in from us Canadians too...
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Alpha.....I just now read this thread...thank you for letting us know...my prayers are with you and Anne, please keep us updated, we love her (and you) very much.
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I just saw this thread now as well. I send all my best wishes to Anne you and the baby. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
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Please accept my best wishes for you and yours! Follow doctors' orders and stay in bed if such a regimen is required. Nothing matters more than your good health just now, so please act accordingly!

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Thank you all for your prayers and sympathy!
Things look great.
I and Anne are really moved.
Gezer sends his purrrs too (and jumps from my lap to the food bowl...)

Yesterday Anne was released from the hospital. She should rest at home for a week.
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Anne and Alpha:

Good news! Keep her in bed, and tell her no sneaking off to check the site. We will keep things together while she is following doctor's orders.
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I am SO glad to hear she was released, and is at home now...tell her we are praying for her, and all will be fine here at the site till she returns, although we miss her terribly!
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