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new member - Sunny and me

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I find it very odd to have "inherited" a cat. For one thing, I'm allergic (lots of runny noses, now ). For another, I swore many years ago, when I had finally given away the last of the 3 adult cats, 7 kittens, 1 mama dog, 4 puppies and three hamsters, that I would have NO MORE PETS. Well ...

My stepdaughter moved in with us temporarily, bringing with her a black domestic longhair, Sunny. We were both a little wary of each other at first (although I'm one of those people cats always come to immediately), and Sunny is a very independent cat. Well, the stepdaughter is now gone - but for various reasons, Sunny stayed! Now, we've been alone together (hubby on an extended out of town trip) for the past couple of months, and have become quite good friends, despite (or maybe because of) two trips to the vet.

Now I find her following me throughout the house, greeting me at the door when I come home from work, and leaping into my lap whenever I sit down. All this from a cat whose owner said wasn't friendly with anyone.

I feel quite privileged, and we talk to each other often. It's really neat. I think like it.
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Here you are in the BEST place in the world to talk about cats and meet the humans that the cats own!
WELCOME to you both - sounds to me like Sunny and you were meant to be. A real "mutual admiration society", so to speak!
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Welcome, LnKay and Sunny!! Our Cat Site family just keeps getting larger, and we Love, Love, LOVE IT ! Get Sunny on your lap, sit back, and tell us all about yourself. You will find nothing but friends here; who love to "swap" Cat Tales.
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Welcome! The is *THE BEST* place on the internet. You will find great advice and friendly people. I'm so glad that you and Sunny became such good friends! Please get us a picture of him soon... I'd love to see him... and you too!

Welcome to the site!
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A big hearty welcome to Lnkay and Sunny. I am also a new member with a one year old "kid" named Patches. May Sunny fill your days with joy and may you enjoy The Cat Site.
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Welcome LnKay and Sunny!! I hope you enjoy it here as much as we all do! I reckon you were "meant to be" too, you can keep each other company!! Get us some photos ASAP!!!!

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Welcome LnKay and Sunny!! This is a great place to meet and talk with many wonderful cat lovers! I wish I had found it earlier!
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Hello and Welcome to Sunny and You..

This site has done soooo much for me and my kitties (3 mine 2 strays).
Cat lovers are a different breed (no pun) of people. Even when I post silly questions, I get great answers. I'm fairly new too but really appreciate this site.

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LnKay and Sunny!!!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to hear more from you!
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Hi and welcome. Sunny sounds sweet. This is a great site. I know you will love it.
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Welcome LnKay & Sunny! :angel2:

It's so good to have you with us here at the CatSite
You and Sunny will feel quite cozy here!
It's so good to see she's won your heart! Or is that you've won her heart? :laughing::LOL: Welcome!

Love, Peace &
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I'm very happy to meet you and your feline friend!

It's good to know you are being loved and protected by Sunny!

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Hi Lnkay, welcome to the site

I am also fairly new to the site but I really liked it here
Hope you will share more about you & Sunny

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