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On Sunday, Feb. 1, I caught what I thought was the brother to the mom of the kittens. It was another long-haired all orange kitty (like Tango). Well, once again I was proved wrong in my ability to tell gender and found out he was a she.

It seems the girls of this clan are very skittish, while the boys tend to be love bugs. This girl was no exception, so she was released on Tuesday, a day after her operation.

This just leaves the mom of the kittens to be trapped. I haven't seen her in a while and hope she is ok. I've begun noticing new cats around that I think are males. I want to get her before she gets pregnant again.

Send good vibes her way!
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How wonderful that you had this girl spayed! I hope you can find and trap momma cat soon!

Come home momma cat!!!
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